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Exhibitor List

General Information
Event:  MANTS 2019
Event Dates:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019 -
Friday, January 11, 2019
Floor Plan:  View All Exhibitors

All Exhibitors (939)
Below you will find all exhibitors for this event, click on exhibitor name for more details.
Exhibitor Name Booth  
1704, 1706
536, 538, 540We provide our customers with a complete line of the finest quality horticultural tools and supplies, superior availability, quick delivery, competitive pricing and unmatched service.
2216, 2218A.D.R Bulbs, Inc has been supplying premium Dutch flower bulbs to the USA since 1946. We pride ourselves on being one of the only companies that keep the entire flower bulb process in house (growing, exporting, wholesaling). During the fall and spring bulb season we stock an extensive selection of bulbs & perennials in our southern New York warehouses. In addition, we offer same day shipping on all orders received during the fall and spring seasons.
2656ABBOTT-IPCO, Inc. is celebrating our 40th Anniversary and has served the Horticulture industry as an International source of caladium bulbs, imported Holland bulbs, perennials, and many other new and unique products for the greenhouse industry, garden center, and landscaper.
CLASSIC CALADIUMS LLC, (A division of Abbott-IPCO, Inc. Dallas, Texas) is America's leading caladium development and production company that produces many different varieties of caladium bulbs for the wholesale horticulture market.
In Europe, ABBOTT-IPCO Europe BV facilitates all import and export activities with emphasis on specialty bulb crops and perennials.
Our attention to detail and on customer service is widely known and respected among our worldwide customers and the horticulture industry we service.
2023, 2025
2696ABR Enterprises, Inc. (Lighting) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of outdoor and landscape lighting systems. We offer high quality products at very low cost. These products include: Cast Brass fixtures, Bollard fixtures, LED lamps, Low-Voltage Transformers, Wire and much more. Contact us today and our team will assist you with all of your lighting needs!
506Accidentally input wrong check number for 2018 - check number was 96747349 CB
Established in 1988, Acer Acres Inc. strives to provide you with well grown Japanese Maples at a price point your customers can't resist. At Acer Acres, we value your business and your opinion. Please stop by so we can discuss your Spring order.
1625, 1627
2423, 2425Located in central North Carolina just south of Raleigh, Adcock's Nursery is a major container grower of top quality trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials for landscape contractors, builders, developers, architects and designers. Adcock's is currently growing more than 500 varieties ranging from groundcovers in flats of 4" pots up to 100-gallon oaks, maples and hollies. Visit our website at www.adcocksnursery.com for more innformation, or email sales@adcocksnursery.com to be added to our availability email distribution list. We can also always be reached by phone at 919-552-8286.
2511, 2513Granite quarriers of building and landscaping stone, including thin veneer. Fabrication shop. Owner Andre' Hagadorn started selling wholesale and retail in 1996. Located in Whitehall, NY. US STEINEX brand stone splitter representative.
546, 548Wholesale grower of broadleaf evergreens, conifers and grafted maples.
2673, 2675
204, 206
1608, 1610, 1612, 1709, 1711, 1713
2012- Quality ice melt blends - Excellent service - Educational sales support
2251, 2253Ainong USA is a manufacturer of thermoforming plastics, with an expansive product line including grower pots, trays, plug trays, flats and inserts. We specialize in low cost, recycled plastic goods, whilst maintaining superior quality, and our products have been sold in over 50 countries and throughout the United States and Canada.
503, 505
850Galvanized tree stakes, container hooks, and container stabilization baskets
2988, 2990, 2992, 2994, 2996Alfresco Home designs and manufactures garden accents, casual furniture, and outdoor gourmet products. We offer hundreds of uniquely glazed and textured pots ranging from 2 inches to 40 inches, as well as a wide assortment of garden statuary, fountains, birdbaths, and more! Please stop by and see our one-of-a-kind garden accents display!
844We are wholesale growers of top quality groundcovers and perennials.
2119Alpha Nurseries, Inc is wholesale seedling grower located in the Midwest. We grow only bare-root plants, propagated and grown outdoors, in a coarse sandy loam soil for optimum root growth and development. We specialize in deciduous native woody plants...offering one of the largest selections of woody natives in the country. We also grow about 1.5 million evergreen seedlings and transplants annually for the Christmas Tree, Reforestation and Ornamental Markets.
440The American Boxwood Society (ABS) is a not-for-profit membership organization devoted to the appreciation, scientific understanding and propagation of the genus Buxus L. It serves as the International Registration Authority for cultivated Buxus L., and also sponsors and partially funds scientific research projects. The ABS is dedicated to making popular the use of boxwood in landscapes throughout the country.
2460, 2462American National Property And Casualty’s multiple line, insurance agents offer a combination of life insurance, annuities, property and casualty insurance for personal lines, agri-business, targeted commercial exposures and other insurance related services. Multiple Line agents serve individuals, families and business owners across the country. For more information visit www.americannational.com
245, 247American Native Plants is a grower that is a comprehensive source of herbaceous and woody native plants for restoration, reforestation wetlands and landscaping. Delivery anywhere.
2610, 2611, 2612
2458Broker / Sales rep for growers of B&B trees and Christmas trees. Over 26 years of experience satisfying customers with quality trees. Growers located in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin and North Carolina.
2324AmericanHort was formed in 2014 by the consolidation of the American Nursery & Landscape Association and OFA – The Association of Horticulture Professionals. With a combined history of 220+ years, AmericanHort supports nearly 16,000 member and affiliated businesses that include breeders, greenhouse and nursery growers, garden retailers, distributors, interior and exterior landscape professionals, florists, students, educators, researchers, manufacturers, and all of those who are part of the industry market chain. AmericanHort's mission is to unite, promote, and advance the horticulture industry through advocacy, collaboration, connectivity, education, market development, and research. The association has offices in Columbus, Ohio for administration and member services, and in Washington, DC to facilitate government relations and research activities.
2523, 2525AMPLEX is a grower and re-wholesaler of plant material serving landscape and property maintenance contractors, local munincipalities, retail garden centers, landscape architects and wholesale nurseries. AMPLEX offers a wide variety of products-from trees, shrubs, palms, tropicals, natives, citrus, and fruit trees, groundcover, aquatic and mitigation plants. With two locations in Central Florida, and purchasing ability throughout the United States, AMPLEX is dedicated to providing each of our customers with quality, selection and value.
339AMS Retail Solutions - provides NCR Counterpoint (POS) Point of Sale software and systems to retail garden centers throughout the United States and Canada. Featuring POS with easy to use Touchscreen user interface, Inventory Management with intelligent Purchasing Advice, Inventory Receiving, Labeling and Tagging, Mobile POS and other mobile capabilities, built-in Customer Loyalty programs and Gift Card processing, intelligent Customer Email Marketing, management Text Alerts, Landscapes Quotes preparation, interfaces to QuickBooks accounting and many other popular Accounting software products. All systems include: a comprehensive Garden Center Needs Assessment, NCR CounterPoint POS software, NCR and HP equipment, on-site installation, on-site training, customer support, equipment maintenance, and financing options. www.AMSretail.com
1305, 1307Manufacturer of water treatment equipment specializing in fertigation and pH correction as well as EC and pH monitors.
1916, 1918Angel Plants is a leading wholesale supplier of tropical and flowering plant material in addition to offering an extensive Christmas Greens program. We service customers from Virginia to New Hampshire. We provide stores with a wide breadth of products delivered on a frequent and timely basis. Our store-door servicing program allows stores to remain consistently in stock, yet not over inventoried. We work closely with many of the country’s top growers, contracting material to ensure superior supply and quality.  

Through our continued commitment, Angel Plants has earned the respect and trust of many of the top buyers in the country. We would enjoy an opportunity to join you in your pursuit of horticultural excellence. 
333, 335, 337Angelica family owned & operated specializes in the production of woody ornamentals & evergreens. While we may enjoy a moderate climate in the Mid Atlantic, our plant selection includes hardy species for even the harshest climates. We dig to order field grown balled & burlapped (B&B) plants. Shade & ornamental trees include Acer,Betula, Cornus, Parrotia, Platanus, Prunus & Quercus & deciduous shrubs such as Hibiscus,Ligustrum & Viburnum. Broad leaf evergreens include Buxus & Ilex while narrow leaf evergreens include Cedrus, Chamaecyparis, Cryptomeria, Juniperus, Picea, Pinus, Taxus, Thuja & Tsuga. We have 1 of the most successful summer digging programs in the industry. Our sister company Nursery Cargo an independent entity operated from our premises specializes in plant transportation.
2438, 2440The purpose of Aqua Bella Designs is to help professional landscape designers and installers quickly and efficiently add a water feature to their designs, large or small. Our goal is to bring the natural beauty of running water into any environment. Aqua Bella Designs’ collection not only includes uniquely glazed fountain vases, but specialty stonework and designer items such as copper trees.
267111 Locations in NJ, PA, DE, MD, and VA. Irrigation, Rainwater Harvesting, Ponds, Drainage, Turf Fertilization, Stormwater Management, Groundwater Recharge, Pumps, EPDM Liners, Vertical Gardening, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, Small Tools, and MUCH MORE. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, knowledge, and delivering the right products on time. Aquarius Supply is your GO-TO partner.
166Aquascapes Unlimited Inc. is a wholesale aquatic plant nursery that produces native wetland perennials and ornamental aquatic species that are distributed throughout the United States for wetland restoration, rain gardens, storm water management, erosion control and planting in or around ponds & lakes. Custom growing is available upon request. Aquascapes Unlimited is also a leader in the production of carnivorous and hybrid pitcher plants (Sarracenia) that are sold under the brand name “Bug Out” – Carnivores in Captivity.
2751Aquatic Resource Restoration Company owns and operates a 12+acre nursery facility in Glen Rock, PA. ARRC nursery supplies bare root, container and B&B nursery stock. We focus in providing and contract growing native plant material commonly used in reforestation / forestation, wetland and stream restoration, bio-engineering, food plots and native landscaping. Our nursery maintains an inventory of over 350,000 plants covering over 150 species of native perennials, ground covers, wetland and upland plants, shrubs and trees.
272, 274
1525Our structural fiberglass pergolas are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors by adding a shade structure to any outdoor space, garden, or backyard. From our Monarch Garden pergola to our privacy screens, Arbors Direct has what you need!
3112, 3113www.arborwear.com We are makers of honest, hardworking clothing for people who work hard and play hard outdoors. Arbowear has focused on outfitting the Green Industry and Tree-Care professionals for over 20 years. Our Corporate Partner program ensures that companies of any size can take advantage of value-added services and discounted pricing.
916What's in Your Landscape Palette? For the distinctive landscape, we have choice varieties of B&B finished landscape nursery stock. Presenting a palette of distinctive woody ornamental shrubs and small ornamental trees for landscaping. Our personal top choices of wonderful woody plants for landscaping plus Proven Winners and Chicagoland Grows varieties are included in our line. CUSTOM PROPAGATION available -- please inquire.
2969Armintrout's Nursery is a three generation family owned company who has been growing and providing the best quality evergreen conifers, Spruces, Pines, and Firs since 1935. With over 1000 acres we are able to offer a large supply and selection of B&B, Potted as well as cut Christmas Trees, Boughs & Wreaths. One species has been very special, our 'Baby Blue' Colorado Spruce. They grow at a similar form and rate as the Colorado Blue Spruce and are comparable to the best clones, but with their own natural roots, and available at a much reduced price. With their great natural color, form and growth, they are spectacular. We are honored to earn your business and look forward to meeting you.
1117Wholesaler grower of premium bareroot, B & B and container deciduous shade and ornamental tress and shrubs.
2697Suppliers of Nutricote controlled release fertilizer products for dependable controlled feeding of nursery, greenhouse, foliage, landscape, bedding and potted crops.
574, 675Celebrating 60 years of offering professional grower mixes, grower peat moss and premium retail potting mixes to our customers all over the world. Choose from dozens of items for full or half load shipments out of our plants in Canada. Visit us at: ASBGREENWORLD.COM
1419, 1421, 1423
2940AUTOCROP™ offers an advanced, automated solution for industrial growing including those with large vertical farms and greenhouses as well as solutions with smaller units for home, small business, or educational use. By providing everything from hydroponic racking to advanced LED lighting, nutrient monitoring stations, pumps, and consumable items such as seedling growth containers, and seeds, AUTOCROP™ is the total solution for large and smaller clients who want fresh, safe, sustainable controlled environment crop growth.

We combine practical experience and expertise with a comprehensive high quality system designed and manufactured to provide you with one source for your hydroponic growing needs. Ours is a complete solution and not just parts of a system. When you choose AUTOCROP™ you are backed by a complete team offering a complete solution.
2147Thermal and Utility Strip, Hang, Slip-on and Pot Tags Sold Tags. Labels. Custom In House Printing. Printers. Custom software. Nice Label Pro. Ribbons. Barcode Technologies. RFID Encoding. Scanners. Wireless Communications. Laser Printer Materials. Roll, Blank, Sale and Classification Signs. Custom Laser Printed Billboard Signs w/complete plant info. All styles Sign Holders and Stakes. Authorized Col-Met Distributor Of Galvanized Steel Sign Holders and Edging. Trunk Mats . Marking Pens. Fasteners
2428, 2430, 2529, 2531Supplier of Pazzaglia vibratory tree diggers, Imants Spade plows, Damcon Planters/ Pruning platforms, Carraro tractors, and other specialized, labor and cost saving equipment for the nursery industry
2355Lifetime Bench Systems by A-V International are constructed of fiberglass frames and plastic bench tops. A-V Bench Systems will not rust, twist, warp, or decay, and are UV protected. Single and multi-tier configurations are available for propagating, growing, display, and retail use. Alternately, the plastic bench tops can be purchased separately to install on existing frames of any type.
608, 610, 612
2400, 2402, 2501, 2503Maryland wholesale nursery growing Perennials, Annual Flowers, Spring & Fall Pansies, Hardy Ferns, Ornamental Grasses, Native Plants, Bamboo, and Groundcovers. We supply landscapers and garden centers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states.
839, 841, 843, 845Growing a full line of bareroot and container plants for the nursery industry. Trees, shrubs, roses, evergreens, vines, fruits, perennials, rooted cuttings and seedling liners. Known for top-selling brands, such as the Endless Summer® Collection, Easy Elegance® Roses and First Editions® Plants. Bailey Nurseries is dedicated to bringing new plants to market for a greener future.
2230, 2331World leader in all facets of floriculture, with distribution capability in all major world markets.
2232, 2333Leading distributor of high-quality seed, plugs and plants plus top-performance equipment to greenhouse growers.
1229, 1231
2780, 2782
652We Create Chemistry
Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides and Biological control products for the Greenhouse and Nursery industry.
7/10 - changed e-mail to wes@baucomsnursery.com
2844, 2846, 2848
2115, 2117
144Belden is an Industry leading provider of Growing Containers for large and small Growers and Garden Centers. Known for our variety of injection molded Rounds, Squares and Trays, but best known for our Industry leading Saucerless Hanging Baskets with Flex Hangers.
420, 422Premier brand of quality hardscape and outdoor living products, including interlocking pavers, segmental retaining walls, permeable pavers, fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.
2582, 2584, 2683, 2685Horticultural Automation Solutions: Transplanting, Filling, Grading, Seeding, Watering, Shipping Systems, Pot Handling, Soil Handling, and Custom Solutions.
2756Benchmark Payment Networks provides electronic payments to merchants in all 50 states and in many countries. As a provider of Merchant Services, we place our clients with leading processing networks, companies such as First Data, Vantiv, Global Payments, and Paymentech. By having access to the largest most efficient global networks, we can be confident that each and every transaction is accounted for through a secured network of billions of transactions each year. Benchmark offers a comprehensive suite of products and services and customized credit card processing programs uniquely tailored for the special business needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and agents, referral and reseller partners. Through its in-depth industry knowledge, partnership strategy and innovative processing solutions, Benchmark provides a specialized approach to providing merchant bank processing, Remote Deposit Capture and Credit Card Processing for our merchants in all industries.
2745, 2747
1328, 1330, 1429, 1431Bennett's Creek Nursery operates a 375 acre growing facility in Isle of Wight County Virginia. We sell and distribute throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. Plant materials offered include annuals, perennials, broadleaf and deciduous shrubs, conifers, bud & bloom roses, shade, flowering & fruit trees. All materials are container grown and we offer delivery service on our own trailers. We operate four distribution centers in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina and offer brokered material both container & B&B from many other fine growers outside the mid-Atlantic area. Natural stone and precast Paver & Wall systems is also distributed through our Service Centers.
751, 753Berger is a worldwide leader in the production of first-quality growing media. For over 50 years, Berger’s team of specialists favors an approach centered on the specific needs of the crops of its customers. For professional growers, that means consistent growth, predictable results, reliable supplying, and moreover, a trustworthy technical support. From start to plant, how you grow matters as much as what you grow.
2588BERGER was established in 1919 as a family-owned manufacturing company. The company has an extensive experience in hot-drop forging, grinding, and assembling of manual cutting tools. BERGER manufacturers a wide assortment of hand pruners, loppers, hedge and topiary shears, and telescoping poles. The company also provides hand and pole saws, and other nursery accessories. With such a wide assortment, BERGER continues to serve multiple industries such as gardening, landscape, agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, and forestry. We stake our reputation on premium quality, ergonomics, and user safety.
50DIRECT source of Mexican Beach Pebbles No middleman! Best quality of anyone in the U.S. Truckloads, LTL, Pallet Programs. Competitive pricing on smaller quantities. The Professionals for very large projects. Delivery anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Super Sacks, Wire Baskets, Individually Bag. Fastest turn around in the Industry. Over 1000 tons of Mexican Beach Pebbles at our San Diego, CA Yard. www.BestMexicanBeachPebbles.Com
1705, 1707
328, 330, 332BFG Supply Co. has 9 locations and serves thousands of customers across 23 states, making it one of the largest Greenhouse, Nursery, and Lawn & Garden distributors in the country.
2507For over 40 years, BIG JOHN has built and delivered quality tree transplanting equipment designed to last. Our tree transplanters feature all welded construction, top quality steel, and hydraulic components engineered to stand up to the most rigorous tree moving conditions. One person can easily operate our largest tree transplanter from a manual valve bank or through a remote valve bank and camera system.
371At BioWorks, we believe that how you grow is just as important as what you grow. That’s why we are passionate about bringing growers environmentally responsible solutions for controlling insects and plant diseases. Our innovative family of products combines the environmental responsibility that you strive for with the cost-effectiveness and efficacy that you depend on.
2877, 2879Since 1979 Bizon Nursery Company has been dedicated to growing high quality field and containerized plant material. To ensure our customer's viability, we continuously search for new and unusual varieties to add to our ever-growing catalog.
2239, 2241Blankenship Farms and Nursery is a grower of Field(B&B) and containerized deciduous trees and evergreens. Since 2002 a grower of #3 gallons trees and shrubs in Air Root Pruning Containers used for lining out nursery fields and container operations including oaks, maples, birches, and many native trees.
2448Bloomin' Easy® is a collection of new & improved ornamental varieties that offer time-strapped homeowners unique aesthetic value and attributes that help make success easier for them. With relevant products, eye-catching packaging and after-purchase support, hesitant consumers become inspired to 'jump-in.'
2561Blue Mountain Nursery is a family owned and operated farm in Damascus, Oregon. We have been growing high quality plants for over 25 years specializing in Japanese maples, topiaries, grafted conifers, and boxwood. We grow many other evergreen and deciduous shrubs, trees and perennials, and work together with our customers to source other plants for their specific needs.
2752We offer various sizes and weights of commercial grade weed barrier fabric and non-woven row covers.
2856, 2858
946, 948
2797Bobbex, Inc., an established brand with a loyal following, has been in the repellent business for over 21 years. Bobbex Repellents are the most effective, longest lasting sprays on the market. Bobbex products are environmentally friendly, using all natural ingredients including multiple smell and taste deterrents. Bobbex offers a variety of solutions for your pest problems. Our products are environmentally safe and harmless to all wildlife including humans, pets, birds, insects and aquatic life. Bobbex products can be used on all ornamental shrubs and flowers, and around vegetables. Bobbex products WILL NOT WASH OFF. Looking for bulb protection? Try our Bobbex-R and grow beautiful flowers. Bobbex products are environmentally friendly, meaning no guilt, no damage, and no pests.
2600, 2601, 2602, 2603, 2604Bobcat® compact equipment includes skid-steer, all-wheel steer, and compact track loaders, compact excavators, mini track loaders, utility vehicles, compact tractors, and Toolcat™ utility work vehicles. Bobcat is a global brand of Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment (DICE), an integrated business organization and subsidiary of South Korea-based Doosan Infracore. With more than 600 dealer locations in North America, Bobcat is the leader in compact equipment — the industry’s original innovator, beginning more than 50 years ago with the first compact machine and predecessor to the skid-steer loader. For more information on Bobcat products, visit www.bobcat.com
1228Wholesale balled-and-burlapped tree grower. Landscape architects throughout the country specify our trees, visit us and see why! www.boldspring.com is the next best thing to being there.
307, 309Our multifaceted company services the majority of the interrelated fields of the Lawn and Garden Industry such as
Landscape Architects, Independent Garden Centers, Landscape Contractors, Wholesale Landscape Supply Yards, Regional Garden Center Chains, and Hardware Stores.
1202, 1204Bosmere has been supplying English quality garden hardgoods for over 21 years.
We supply Bosmere plant supports, vegetable grow bags, plant lables, totes & sheets, kneelers and much more. 

Bosmere is also the master distributor/importer for Haws watering cans, Spear & Jackson tools, Haxnicks plant protection products , Nutscene twine plus a few more UK manufacturers.

This year at MANTS we will be showing our new products plus Soil Moist from JRM Inc and Scenery Solutions raised bed kits. 
37Botanical Collections is the exclusive authorized American wholesaler of the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew pottery to US and Canada to botanic gardens, retailers, nurseries, and the design trade. We launched our boutique family business at the Philadelphia Flower Show last spring to a very enthusiastic garden audience and have since exhibited at Atlanta, High Point, The Nashville Antique & Garden Show, The Newport Flower Show, The Ladew Topiary Spring Festival and several more events. Our Kew pottery is hand crafted in crackled and glazed terra cotta with the official Kew Royal Garden raised crest and seal. Our distinctive pottery comes in over 15 Farrow and Ball colors and in thirty dimensions for the terrace and garden, table top and home decor markets. We hope that you will enjoy our offerings and invite you to add our unique collections to your business.
3101Botanical Interests gives you a distinct presence in the seed packet category. Our goal is to educate and inspire gardeners by offering one-of-a-kind packaging on a complete line of non-treated, GMO free seed. We offer over 600 varieties featuring Conventional, Heirlooms, Hybrids and USDA Certified Organic. All of our varieties are chosen by gardeners for gardeners. Supporting independents with excellent customer service and the highest quality product.
320, 322
7/10 - corrected e-mail address

Wholesale growers of evergreen and deciduous shade and ornamental field and container grown trees and shrubs.
2860, 2862, 2961, 2963Bouldin & Lawson supplies a range of potting machines, soil mixing equipment, pot dispensers, conveyors and automation for the Nursery and Greenhouse growers
261Growers of quality container nursery liners in 1, 3, & 7 gallon air prune (arpacc) containers. All liners are on their own root or from seed. All plants are staked for straightness.
1016, 1018, 1020Specializing in pot-in pot, B&B grafted ornamentals; Topiary plant material, and Sculptured Art Forms.
1702Bowling's Last Stand - All Steel Christmas Tree Stand
1420, 1422
2318, 2320, 2322
1721Bremo Trees is a wholesale b&b nursery located on the scenic James River in central Virginia. We grow a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees including maple, cherry, oak, arborvitae, black gum, ginkgo, redbud, dogwood, and elm (to name a few). We look to provide you with quality trees at a competitive price.
840, 842Briggs Nursery has been providing the industry with quality plants for over 100 years. We grow a variety of plants utilizing tissue culture and traditional propagation techniques. Plugs, liners and container stock of woody ornamentals, perennials, small fruits, grasses, specialty, and contract grown crops. Quality that Grows ™


1107, 1109600 acres of B&B production featuring Buxus, Taxus, Thuja and assorted deciduous trees. Container operation also at this location.
510Brotzman's is known as a plantsman's nursery. Since our beginning in 1955 we have introduced many unique plants, such as Cercis canadensis 'Covey' [LAVENDER TWIST (R)], White Tigress Maple, Amethyst Witch Hazel, Cornus k. 'Madison (CROWN JEWEL TM) and our newest, Gleditsia t. 'Draves' ppaf [STREET KEEPER (R)] Columnar Honeylocust. We have the largest collection of Hamamelis in the U.S. with over 125 cultivars in production. Growing in the sandy soils along the buffered south shore of Lake Erie, we produce some of the heaviest bare root liners of evergreens, shrubs and trees (some up to 4" diam.) to be found in the trade. Many unusual specimen, B&B conifers are also featured. A visit to Brotzman's is a bit different than other nurseries. For us it is a lifestyle and a passion. I invite you to get to know us. Tim Brotzman www.brotzmansnursery.com
919, 921, 923
1319Quarriers of Bull Run Stone. Our quarry products include Veneer, Building, Strip, Rustic, Thin Veneer, Flagstone, Cobble Stone, Landscape Boulders and more. Color range vary from warm gold to light grays. www.bullrunquarries.com
930, 932, 934
39, 40, 41, 42, 43
659We are a family owned nursery in the beautiful foothills of western North Carolina.
819, 821Cam Too Camellia Nursery is a wholesale container nursery committed to producing top quality camellias by increasing the temperature zone ranges, blooming season, bud-set and disease resistance among the species. We contract grow liners and #1's, #3's, #7's and #15's in containers.
2660, 2662, 2761, 2763Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec and Wallstones are available in hundreds of different shapes and colors. Cambridge is the premier manufacturer of products for all your outdoor living needs: concrete pavers with ArmorTec, permeable pavers, retaining walls, full kitchen kits, outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, fire pits, bar kits, patio and bistro tables, pergolas, pavillions, columns, and more! Producers of nationally known television shows such as NBC "Today Show," ABC "Concept Home," and HGTV "Curb Appeal" as well as editors of publications such as The Wall Street Journal, This Old House, The New York Times, and New York Newsday are helping to spread awareness of Cambridge and our exclusive ArmorTec benefits. Cambridge believes in providing our customers exactly what they expect? The very best without having to pay more for it. The Best Outdoor Living Ideas Come From Cambridge.
937, 939In July 2017 Campania International, introduced our new catalog. We have added many new pieces to our existing creations of Cast Stone, Glazed, and Lightweight collections. We have continued to expand our extraordinary collection of American made cast stone products and our Imported Pacifica range of planters, and fountains. To preview our new and existing creations visit us at www.campaniainternational.com
535, 537With five strategically located distribution centers along the East Coast, Capital Forest Products can deliver your seasonal order on time. An impressive selection at each center allows you to choose a mix of products from high-quality mulch and organic soil to premium firewood, fuel pellets and ice melts. Capital Forest delivers year-round.

908, 910
809Wholesale growers of bareroot deciduous trees and shrubs - fruit, flowering, shade, rootstocks and seedlings.
1700Carlwell Corp is a family owned manufacturer of Carts, Trolley and Racks; We provides Carts for many top Growers in US and Canada for last 10 years. Wintong Chemical Co. is the largest fertilizer manufacturing company in China and sold products to over 20 countries. Its patented and proprietary products include Water Soluble Fertilizer, Chelated Micronutrients Fertilizer, Slow Release Fertilizer, Controlled Release Fertilizer and Base inorganic Fertilizer. We provides the best price, Quality, and Value to Growers, Nurseries and Garden Centers.
2222, 2224Carolina Native Nursery is a wholesale supplier of landscape size and quality native shrubs and perennials. We grow 3 gal., 7 gal., and B&B shrubs up to 10'. Plus we ship large and small orders throughout the east coast. So please stop by our booth and talk to us and find out more. We look forward to meeting you.
437, 439
303, 305
2575, 2577Cast Stone Studio is a North Carolina based manufacturer of high quality concrete yard art. Our collection includes fountains, statues, benches, planters, bird baths, plaques, gargoyles, mermaids, angels, religious statues, buddhas, pagodas, foo Dogs, lions, gnomes and more! We're a family owned business serving our valued customers for more than 20 years. www.caststonestudio.com
269, 271“For over 20 years, Castle Aquatics has been a reliable, leading distributor of pond and water feature products. Our commitment has been to provide unique products such as PondMAX and Teton along with other domestic brands and special programs to improve sales of water gardening products for full service, independent dealers. Come by our booth to find out what is new and exciting.

We look forward to supporting your success!”

-Castle Aquatics Team
2201, 2203, 2205- A top quality wholesale container nursery growing over 1,100 varieties of plants, meeting and exceeding the needs of Garden Centers, Landscape Contractors, Re-Wholesalers, Municipalities etc. Our offerings include: Perennials, Ferns, Natives, Grasses, Green Roof Plants, Herbs, Vines, Pansies, Dahlias, Cabbage & Kale. Visit our website at www.cavanos.com
1524Cedar Valley Nurseries is a wholesale grower of quality container tree liners. We use the RootMaker(R) system to produce great root systems for our product.
Shade and ornamental tree liners available from seedling size up to 15 gallon.
1318, 1320
246, 248, 250
2347, 2349Central Sod Farms is the Mid-Atlantic's premier producer of quality turfgrass. No job is too big or too small. We carry State Certified Kentucky Bluegrass, Durablend Tall Fescue, Sovereign Bermudagrass, and Zoysia. Call or click today for a quick and easy quote. 800-866-1387 centralsod.com
1903The entire Central organization is focused on a single goal: your ultimate success.

Our partnership begins with understanding your company: your goals, your needs, your preferences. Then we translate that into personalized service that’s second to none.

We offer the industry’s most dedicated team of sharp, highly knowledgeable professionals who are ready to go the extra mile to support you.

Count on Central for:
•Expert project and technical support. Whether your project is small or large, our experienced team members can direct you to the right solutions. Get help at our convenient sales counters or in the field at your job site.
•One-stop shopping. Get what you need, when you need it! We carry all of the leading brands in each of our product segments with the best in-stock availability of any supplier in the area.
•Convenience. We deliver bulk orders directly to your job site. We train our team members to anticipate your needs so you never forget the extras you need to get the job
2152Company based in Italy manufacturer of Tie Tools for tree-nursery,vineyards,orchards and garden sector. Binding tube the most used in Europe and twist tie The simplicity and the care for the details, which just with handmade attention and deep passion for our work it is possible to recreate, in these values was born our organization in1964, based on direct relationships and respect for consumers’ needs. Thanks to a strong experience in this fi eld, Cerati G. guarantees high production fl exibility, off ering a complete technical and aesthetical possibility of customization; on this aspect is based our core business. In order to satisfy the most demanding users and pay attention to the needs of professionals, we guarantee quality, costs reduction, rapid delivery, fl exibility and immediate reaction to the changing of the market, continuously improving our products.
619Cherry Creek Nursery was started in February 1987 in Cookeville, Tennessee. The first year we lined out four blocks of trees, white dogwood, kwanzan cherry, Bradford pear, and burning bush. Since then we have grown from a 2 acre nursery to about 210 acres and are expanding each year. We are currently growing 118 different selections of trees and shrubs. Our goal is to grow the best plants in the industry. To grow the best you have to start with the best. Today we feel we have the best sources available.
Through our experience we have learned that all plants are unique and require different care. As we watched plants develop over the years, we have learned to set in place practices of root pruning, trimming, spraying and fertilizing to meet each plant’s unique needs. We are always testing new varieties as they become available to the trade. The plant world is always changing as new and better plants are introduced and we will continue to offer the best plants available.
800, 802
742, 744“The Broadleaf Specialists” For fifty years, the Chesapeake name has been synonymous with top quality broadleaf evergreens. We now encompass over 1300 acres on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Approximately two thirds of this acreage is used for the production of high quality ornamental shrubs. We currently grow over 200 varieties of Azaleas, Barberry, Boxwood, Cotoneaster, Hydrangea, Ilex, Kalmia, Nandina, Ornamental Grasses, Pieris, Rhododendrons, and many more in various sizes suitable for garden centers, landscape contractors, wholesalers and re-distribution centers.
1806, 1808, 1810
2139, 2141Retailers, professional grounds keepers, lawn and landscape providers, sod farmers, sports field managers and all those working in the grassing business know that partnering with the right seed and seeding material sales and distribution company can make all the difference when it comes to getting exactly what you need right when you need it. When you want exceptional products and the most customer oriented service in the wholesale seed distribution industry, turn to Chesapeake Valley Seed. We proudly offer a wide range of turfgrass, wildflower, native, reclamation, forage and erosion control seeds for various applications, including sports fields, municipal lands, grounds keeping, pastures, and much more. Our diverse selection of seed varieties, blends and mixtures ensures you’ll find the perfect option for your needs without having to settle for less.
401, 403Chief Mountain Farms is a wholesale nursery, specializing in NATIVE and WETLAND plants. Our products include grasses, sedges, rushes, hardy ferns, green roof plants, perennials, shrubs, vines, and ground covers. We maintain a large inventory of plugs to finished containers.
2651, 2653The Barcana line of commercial holiday decorations will provide access to commercial customers that desire high quality commercial decorations for malls and shopping centers. Christmas Decor provides off- season income for landscaping and turf care companies. Installing holiday decorations keeps employees working all year long in a high profit margin service. Below wholesale pricing and full continuing education are provided. Nite Time Decor's low voltage landscape lights and accessories provide added profits for a landscaper or irrigation contractor for any project
2422Easy to update custom websites for growers, garden centers and landscapers. Use our Current Crop Editor with your smart phone to easily promote 'wow' or overstocked plants. Stop by for interactive demos of Clarity Console™ our website content management system that non-technical types can use to easily update their website, GardenCenterMarketing.com and Catalog Wizard™, the fastest, most economical way to quickly create customized catalogs from a plant or product database. Clarity Connect – Creative Marketing. Practical Solutions
2237We are a MBE certified company that specializes in container established native trees and shrubs for conservation projects. Our inventory includes over 350,000 native trees and shrubs covering 82 species. We will grow specific order under contract. We accept recycled containers from 1 to 25 gallons in size.
2558We are located in the mountains of North Carolina. We grow Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce, Colorado Spruce, White Pine, Boxwood, and Dogwood. We ship B&B in the Spring and Fall and Christmas Trees and greens at Christmas each year. We have been in business for 35 years shipping all over the east coast. Thank you for taking the time to view our profile and please visit our website or call us for more information.
2768, 2770
2154, 2156
2608, 2609Coastal Source is the first landscape lighting and outdoor audio manufacturer to create a Total SYSTEM; from the transformer to the cable to the connectors, fixtures and LED lamps. We design, test, manufacture and warranty every part! All the components work in harmony with each other, creating the most durable, long-lasting system that provides flexibility for your most discerning clients. Coastal Source products are built with integrity. By taking a systematic approach, we’ve been able to anticipate and overcome failures. Our systems have been engineered, not only to be the most innovative and best in class, but to offer a simple, reliable, repeatable and profitable addition to our dealers’ revenue stream. “A solution that is defying the elements.”

- Made completely of brass
- 100% sealed to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris and bugs
- Replaceable lamps
- Exclusive patented Coastal Connector
- Fixed socket with mounting clips
- Maximum adjustability
- Full system warranty
2408Steel landscape edging for retail and commercial use. Galvanized nursery sign holders for retail garden centers.
2554, 2556Colonial Road Woodworks has been manufacturing quality furniture in New Holland, PA for more than 20 years. Our emphasis is on quality while striving for the design of attractive and functional furniture.

Colonial Road has developed a complete line of leisure furniture while building a reputation of consistent quality. We have beautiful furniture that is fitting for each occasion of life - whether it be cherishing moments of friendship or sipping a cold soda at the shore. Every piece is handmade, hand cut and screwed together with only the highest quality products. 

Please stop by our booth to see our new products and pick up your full color catalog!
9Top quality wholesale flowerbulbs for fall planting, like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. The bulbs come directly from Holland. A knowledgeable customer service team is available to assist you. What makes us different: • High-grade, superior-quality bulbs If you start with topsize bulbs, beautiful blooms are sure to follow. • Wholesale prices Our goal is to deliver top-quality bulbs at competitive prices. No gimmicky pricing. No scrappy-sized bulbs. • Decades of experience We are not another internet company with limited knowledge and experience that has decided to start reselling flowerbulbs. We have been supplying flowerbulbs to the trade for more than 50 years. We want you to have a great spring.
1906Columbia Nursery LLC is a wholesale nursery that prides its self on quality plant material. We offer a unique selection of dwarf and unusual conifers and Japanese maples. Many of our containerized specimens have been field grown and moved to containers for a season to allow for better root quality, survivability, and a lighter package to cut down on shipping costs. We distribute our products throughout the United States and Canada
534CWG grows quality evergreen trees and shrubs, flowering and shade trees at very competitive prices. We are proud of our generous grading standards which usually exceeds industry standards for size and specs. One tree or one thousand trees, we will get them to you. We also offer cut greens of Magnolia, Arbor Vita, Leyland Cypress for Christmas and seasonal decorations. Come by and see how much tree you get for your dollar at CWG. You'll like what you see. Booth #144 434-665-7380
1803, 1805, 1807Complete Aquatics is an industry leader in supplying quality products and services revolving around water, from home backyard water features to large pond & lake care, fountain technology, rain & storm water management and conservation. Out team’s specialty is not only in supplying diverse products, but providing un-matched technical support to assist our customers with the many challenges of today’s growing water garden category
2426A plant stabilization system which functions as a weed mat. These interlocking mats have an 8 year UV guarantee. They help with organization, spacing, inventory and your plants will not blow over. Available in 4 sizes.
615, 617Cool Spring Nursery has over 500 acres of North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees. For the past 30 years they have been perfecting the art and technology of growing a Premium Fraser fir Christmas tree making themselves the preferred supplier for high end garden centers and tree lots all over the USA and Internationally. Cool Springs also offers a vast selection of greenery items from Wreath, roping, garland and swags made from Fraser Fir, Boxwood, White Pine, Magnolia and Cedar.
407Quality growers of Azaleas and Woody Ornamental Liners & Containers, Annuals, Tropical, and Seasonal Crops. Contract growing.
12Established in 1977, Country Casual Teak is the nation’s leading specialist in solid teak outdoor furniture. We take pride in providing durable and beautiful furniture solutions for homes, gardens, museums, businesses, parks, schools, churches, and recreation areas across the country. After 40 years in business, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer service that architects and designers across the nation have come to expect. Our history and reputation for excellence are reflected in the many prestigious spaces across the United States furnished by Country Casual Teak’s benches, planters, lounge chairs and sofas, dining tables and chairs, and other solid teak furniture. Visit www.countrycasualteak.com to learn more.
2686, 2688
2157, 2159, 2161Country Springs Wholesale Nursery has rapidly become one of the leading suppliers of high quality nursery plant material in the Washington/Baltimore area. Our entire staff is dedicated to consistently providing our clients with the essential ingredients they need to become both successful and profitable. We are committed to provide unbeatable yard service, fast load time, dependable on time delivery service, a diversified & high quality inventory and have on staff experienced, knowledgeable sales people to assist you.
660, 662, 761, 763We are a family owned and operated nursery located in the heart of Southern New Jersey. County Line Nurseries, Inc. maintains 400 acres in production which supplies landscapers throughout the country with quality B&B and container landscape plants. With a highly experienced production team, brokerage specialists, sales experts, and an on staff consulting arborist, we maintain high standards and are known for our quality, professionalism, and personal service.
2404CowPots are 'the pots you plant'. Made from composted cow manure, CowPots are 100% biodegradable, renewable and are an all-natural alternative to plastic and peat. Transplanting is easy, just place the whole pot in the ground or a step up container, no need to crush or tear the pot walls; eliminating transplant shock. This product is made by an American family dairy farm and is used by small and large growers nationally. Product is also available in packaging for retail sales.
621, 623
22, 23, 24Creek Hill Nursery provides the industry with quality perennial, grass and shrub liners. We grow a variety of plants utilizing tissue culture, seedlings, and traditional propagation. Our liners are available in 21 Deep, 50 Deep, and 72 sized plugs.
2163Manufacturer and supplier of deer fence and deer fencing systems, including posts, access gates and more. Critterfence offers high quality, long lasting 700 to 1100 pound breaking strength poly fencing and black coated all metal fence, both nearly invisible from a distance. Complete do-it-yourself solutions to exclude deer and wildlife, or to contain domestic pets and livestock. Exclusive no-climb fence systems to keep out or in climbing animals are available. Installation service is available. Wholesale, please call 855 921 7900 or visit https://www.critterfence.com for details.
2778Crookhorn Nursery is a producer of container deciduous trees up to 2.5 inch caliper. We are located in Virginia's Northern Neck, a short shipping distance from greater Northern Virginia and Baltimore. For more Information or an updated availability please contact Louis Chandler (804)-450-2539.
507We specialize in propagation of woody ornamental shrubs for sale as liners in 1-gallon and 1-quart containers and as cell tray liners. We offer a wide selection of ready to shift plants as well as custom growing options. Our goal is to provide liners with the best value to you so you can focus on producing the best finished plants for YOUR customers!!
810Propagator of evergreen and flowering shrub liners used as container and field starts. Plants are well-branched, strongly rooted, and acclimated to enhance optimal growth.
646, 648
2441Manufacturer of stainless outdoor kitchen cabinets. Especially popular are our powder coated colors for the cabinet doors allowing each kitchen to be unique. We are also a distributor for outdoor living products such as grills, BBQs, Pizza Ovens, Smokers, outdoor fireplaces, etc.
500, 601Darwin Perennials is Ball Horticultural Company’s perennial brand in North America. The extensive line-up includes the traditional and reliable to the new and innovative, and comes in a variety of forms including clean-stock unrooted cuttings and liners, bare root and seed. Darwin’s outstanding services means success for perennial growers.
1006Dave Wilson Nursery is the nation's largest grower of deciduous bareroot fruit, nut and shade trees. Specializing in stone fruit, we grow over 1,000 different varieties of deciduous fruit trees for most USDA regions throughout the country. We provide a thorough marketing program to ensure success with our product line. In addition to our bareroot trees, we offer a complete line of potted trees and small fruit and berries delivered in display boxes.
665David Austin's English Roses offer something different for the American gardener. They are new roses in the old tradition, with an abundance of beauty and health, repeat-flowering from spring through to the fall. With a delicious range of fragrances and attractive, bushy growth, they are immensely valuable in the garden. The English Roses are available as bare root or fully finished roses. We also provide a comprehensive range of branded support material. For further information please contact: uswholesale@davidaustinroses.com
828, 830, 929, 931David's Nursery grows 250+ cultivars of evergreen, deciduous and perennial plants on 300 acres. Our specialty is pot-in-pot grown woody plants ready for the landscape.
1917daVinci launches a new collection of retail-ready Premium Patio Pots and Cover Pots, utilizing the latest In-mold Labeling (IML) technology. Stunning graphics, formed into the pots including UV inhibitors for long lasting vibrancy. Lightweight, durable, cost-effective. Made proudly in the heart of the USA in Omaha, NE. 5 sizes, ever changing designs. Call 800-234-2488; rvandiver@airliteplastics.com; davincinpots.com.
730, 732Dayton Bag has 7 location throughout the US provinding a full line of Nursery supplies. Visit www.daybag.com for a complete list of our products and locations.
1024DeCloet Greenhouse Mfg. Ltd. is a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality greenhouses and has been since our beginning in 1986. Our products cover the complete range of greenhouse design and requirements, and are used by production growers, nurseries, and retail centers across North America.
474, 575
1306Decker’s Nursery is a family nursery started in 1921 that propagates a wide variety of shrub liners, Rhododendron grafts, and conifer grafts. We offer a wide variety of new specialty plants from introduction companies like JN Selections, UpShoot, PlantHaven, Star Roses, and Proven Winners, as well as, many high demand older varieties. The shrub liners are trimmed, well branched, and tightly rooted to give our customers a quick turn product. The Juniper, Spruce, and Pine are grafted on well rooted under stocks and are offered in different stages of growth that can go quickly to a pot or the field. We offer 1 flat minimum, great customer service, and the flexibility to meet your liner needs.
1620“An Economical, Easy And Virtually Undetectable Netting Solution To Deter Deer From Your Plants”
361Turn your garden center into "Profit Center" with a Deforche Greenhouse. Create a memorable shopping experience for your customers. Deforche has centuries of influence and generations of experience. Deforche can help you design, engineer and build your new facility. Deforche also manufactures the highest quality growing facilities, be it for production, institutional or research. Only the highest quality materials are used in a Deforche structure. Quality control is not just a phrase at Deforche, it is a reality.
2342DeGroot, serving your perennial, flowerbulb, fruit and vegetable needs since 1957 with commitment to quality and service.
319, 321Delaware Quarries supplies decorative natural stone including; flagstone, wallstone, gravel, boulders, stepping stones & stone veneer.

We are inspired by the ideals of our founder, who in 1896, emphasized respect for all people and ideas, who honored knowledge with practice, progress and the common good. Our historical commitment to experiential learning integrates theory and practice and prepares undergraduate and graduate students to meet the challenges of a complex global environment and to engage in lifelong learning. We provide students with the requisite skills and a spirit of inquiry that enrich and inform their lives, prepare them to pursue meaningful careers, and fulfill societal, community and family responsibilities.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees at its meeting February 19, 2010
1039DeVroomen Garden Products, a family tradition of quality, service and value since 1925, is a premiere wholesale supplier of spring and summer flowering bulbs along with bare root and plug perennial products. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of the highest quality plants available in the market today. We focus on providing exceptional service and true-to-name live goods products. We service the finest independent garden centers, professional growers and landscape contractors in the country. Our partnerships with municipalities and government institutions have returned spectacular results. Please visit us at booth 1039 or on the web at www.devroomen.com. We look forward to working with you.
2451, 2453
2146Diaz Stone & Pallet, Inc. has been a distributor and professional supplier of all types of stone products native to NE PA, including flagstone, wallstone, irregular, treads, boulders, veneers and specialty cut stone. We are an independently owned company that seeks to provide high quality personalized service and materials to each of our customers.
2597, 2599
649Quality that speaks for itself. 35 years of growing premium container and field grown stock.

For beautiful, healthy plants and blooms, professional growers have been turning to Dosatron for trusted experience. With Dosatron, your plants get the right amount of nutrients every time. Our versatile fertilizer injectors are the industry gold-standard for quality and reliability.

Our injectors are great for:
• Fertilizers
• Insecticides
• Fungicides
• Algicides
• Acids
• Wetting Agents
• Disinfectants
• Compost Tea
• Hydroponics

Dosatron fertilizer injectors can be used in a variety of installations and configurations. Mount them on booms or benches, or in conjunction with our portable 15-gallon DosaCart or 5-gallon Li'l Bud-D DosaCart for fertigation dosing on the go. Increase your flow with parallel installations,or inject multiple nutrients with series installations. It’s all up to you!

905, 907DPM manufactures and distributes loader attachments for the green industry. Nursery Jaws hydraulic forks enable one operator to grasp trees, rocks and pallets. Dutchman Tree Spades are second to none in quality and value. The Tarpuller makes tarping trucks quick and safe. And the Plantform can move container and small B&B trees efficiently and safely
470, 472
709, 711
1924Dunn's Pride Trees Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania. We provide quality B&B and cut evergreens to home owners and business owners, landscapers and Christmas tree salespersons. Our wide selection of evergreens include Arborvitae, Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, Serbian Spruce, White Pine, Canadian Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir.
2646, 2648Dutchman Christmas Tree Farms is located in beautiful Northern Michigan and has been growing Christmas trees for over three decades. We have grown into a fully operational tree farm, specializing in individual, wholesale and customized orders. Production quality and customer service have been top priorities as the company has grown and transformed.
901, 903
2957For more than 35 years Dyna-Gro™, The Nutrition Solution® has excelled in providing growers with complete, easy to use, cost effective, liquid nutrient concentrates. Our formulas contain all 17 essential macro and micro mineral elements which plants require for optimal growth. The exclusion of any one mineral element will result in abnormal growth, premature death, and or failure to complete a full life cycle. Complete, simple to use, and cost effective is our promise to our customers. Our complete formulas are concentrated and provide 100% of the macro and micro nutrients essential for all plants. Keep it simple with Dyna-Gro™. Growers will use less, waste less and reap the benefits of bigger and better yields because our nutrient solutions are very concentrated. This gives all growers the best possible return on investment. While our nutrients are designed to meet the demanding requirements of hydroponics, they produce superior results in even the best soils.
2777, 2779
1926, 2027Sales, Service, and Parts for Toro Dingo
Sales, Service, and Parts for Toro Stump Grinders.
Sales, Service, and Parts for Toro Trenchers
Sales Used Toro Dingos and Accessories
2343, 2345
637, 639
509East Jordan Plastics, Inc has been providing solutions to the Horticultural Industry since 1947. We offer a full line of Round and Square pots with 8 Color offset printing or labeling. We also offer market flats, inserts and plug and propagation trays. Our closed loop recycling program has benefited both our enviroment and the growers who allow us to pick up their old or used plastic containers and reprocess them into new containers.
1027, 926We are growers of quality container trees and shrubs for garden centers. We ship from Maine to Georgia and west to Chicago. Our specialities include azaleas and broadleaf evergreens, shade and ornamental trees, and container grown roses. We grow the broadest line of fruiting trees and shrubs in the east and are the exclusive grower of Hollybrook Orchards fruiting plants.
2202, 2204, 2206, 2208, 2210Specialized Grower of Containerized Trees & Topiary offering the widest selection of Trees for the Independent Green Industry. Eaton Farms specializes in container grown Evergreens, Fruit Trees and a wide assortment of Shade & Flowering Trees including Dogwood and Redbuds. Eaton Farms is home of the NEW Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud (PP23,043). Eaton Farms provides unique inventory management solutions for the IGC and Landscape markets through full service solutions that include Strategic Grower Relationships and a full Service Landscape yard. Eaton Farms is a licensed grower of Bower & Branch Trees & Topiary.
2757, 2759Eckert's Greenhouse family owned and operated for 60 years. Eckert's invented a hanging basket system with a water reservoir and removable liner for easier planting changes. Let us help you beautify your home or streetscape, watering less often and saving time and labor. We also carry iron for hanging our containers as well as other pieces suitable for streetscape use.
2517Ekstrom & Schmidt Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery in Oregon. We grow a large variety of ornamental trees and shrubs. Our product line is offered in container, bareroot and B&B. Jim, Brandon, Steve and Jolene are ready to serve you.
2655The Don Ekstrom Family and the Ekstrom Nursery Team continue to provide quality nursery stock. Over the past 35 years we have expanded our catalog to include B&B, Small Ball, Bareroot, and Containers. We provide a large variety of ornamental nursery stock, while watching for future industry trends. It is our desire to provide a good value to every customer. “The best time to plant is 25 years ago, the second best time is today.” Founder Carl Ekstrom
1614, 1616
1114Ellepots for nursery and young plant production. Pioneer Pots for quality tree production
2260, 2262, 2361, 2363We have built horticulture equipment for the nursery industry for over 30 years. Our line of products are of the best quality and workmanship in the marketplace today. Our products include: potting systems, peat shredder, flat filler, coirbuster, soil mixer, conveyors, hoppers, shipping carts, retail carts, flat carts, tracking wagons, tree dollies, pot stabilizers and tomato baskets.
710, 712Top quality starter plants specializing in perennials and ornamental grasses
2847Manufacturer of Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures. Specializing in Brass, Copper and Aluminum Fixtures as well as Stainless Steel Transformers.
11EC maintains the nation's first wholesale wetland plant nursery. In addition to operating as a wholesale nursery to the industry and our own restoration projects, the nursery provides various educational opportunities and retail sales by appointment. Currently, EC cultivates approximately 120 wetland plant species that are native to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US. This includes grasses, sedges, rushes, flowering perennials, ferns, shrubs, and trees. All plants are grown in plugs or containers.
1920, 1922EP Henry is the premier manufacturer of quality Hardscaping products including pavers, walls, permeable pavers and introducing our patented Cast Stone Wall Collection, the look of real stone at a beautiful cost.
168, 170Esbenshade's Greenhouses is a grower of: Poinsettias - finished & Liners; Mums - Finished & Liners; Spring Annuals - Finished, Pre-finished, & Liners; Herbs - Finished & Liners; Cyclamen; Perennials - Finished, Pre-finished & Liners; STEPABLES(R) - Purple Pots & Liners
1621, 1623In 1989, Linda Hockersmith Eshraghi began with a single greenhouse to grow flowers. Now Eshraghi Nursery has grown to 350 acres of woody ornamentals, conifers, Japanese Maples, broadleaf evergreens, select perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, west coast Christmas greens/wreaths, and more! As a company, we bring decades of experience from across the United States. We share our knowledge, skills and proven methods to make our plant products superior when they are delivered to you. We encourage your visit to our nursery in Hillsboro, OR!
1517, 1519ET Grow is an end-to-end nursery and greenhouse software solution that works with your business right from planting to purchase order, and everything in between. 

We call it ERP because we have built the solution to support all parts of your business, not just one.

We’re excited to announce the launch of some incredible improvements to the ET Grow Platform! 
We remain focused on our goal to create simple, 
yet powerful horticultural software. 

Here are just a few of the new features you can expect: 
• Perpetual Inventory Availability 
• Pick List Sourcing or Unallocated Picking 
• Team or Location Pick Lists 
• Inventory Hold Over 
• Sales Availability by Week, Product & Customer 
• Inventory Reservations 
• Crop Overview 
• Inventory Splits & Transformations 
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
• Invoicing & Payments 
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Come visit us at booth #1813/1815 to learn more!
740Deciduous/Evergreen quart liners, evergreen seedling plugs, evergreen/birch bare root and containers up to #5. Custom propagation available.
55, 56EZ Shipper Racks provides One Way Shipping solutions for the Nursery Industry. You can rent One Way racks to ship within our National network or purchase racks to ship outside the network. We also offer access to EZ Shipper Rack's National Provider network to pick up your owned Grower Carts.
2741Distributor of Natural and Manufactured Stone Products. Old World Stone Veneer, full line of natural thin stone veneers. Old World Flagstone, natural flagstone in earth tones and grays. Full line of natural stone wall caps, pillar caps and treads. Manufacturer of Eben Stone, decorative concrete stepping stones and gardens accent stones. Distributors for Eldorado stone products. Service area includes PA, MD, VA, WV, DE and NJ.
2207Fabriscape, Inc. offers the most complete line of geotextile fabrics and erosion control products. Our full line of fabrics, nettings, and accessory products will fulfill all your landscape needs. Our wide variety of quality landscape fabrics can be used in many applications – weed control, filter fabric, soil separator, patio/paver underliner, driveway underliner, park & pond underliner, etc. For erosion control situations, our Fabrijute netting and jute netting retain soil and accelerate vegetation development. Burlap, silt fence, and our Fabridrain vertical drain system can also assist in erosion control. Accessory items include steel or plastic securing pins, construction fence, retaining wall grid reinforcer, and frost protection blankets.  

Whether the job is big or small, Fabriscape, Inc. can help your landscaping needs. All products are available in a wide range of sizes in both retail and bulk packaging.
450, 452Fair View Nursery, Inc., a third generation family-owned business since 1967, is located in the heart of Wilson County, North Carolina with easy access off Interstate 95 and Highway 264. A tradition of quality for over 40 years, we are committed to the green industry and to our many loyal customers and friends who have made our progress possible. We grow a broad range of container stock from Azaleas, Woody Ornamentals, Junipers, and Ground Covers to Ornamental Grasses and Trees. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we also offer courteous service and prompt deliveries. We ship primarily on the east coast on our own shelved vans and trailers. For a current availability, please visit our website or give us a call. Hope you plan to visit our booth this year at MANTS!
2209, 2211
1211Growers of quality arborvitea spp., yews spp,. grafted stock, deciduous and broadleaf evergreens. You are all invited to drop by in BOOTH 1211 on JANUARY 9-11, 2019
2571, 2573Wholesale grower of top quality B&B, bare root and container ornamental plant material including Taxus, Boxwood, Junipers, Arborvitae, Hollies, Burning Bush, Viburnums, flowering shrubs and shade trees. Family owned and operated for over 100 years!
315, 317Quality Wholesale Grower of Shade & Ornamental Trees, Evergreens, Deciduous & Ornamental Shrubs. Available in Balled & Burlap or Bare Root. Check out our photo gallery on our website at www.farongreennursery.com. Please call for availability. We welcome your visit anytime.
1116, 1118PO Box 230 Glastonbury, CT 06033 Phone: 1 (860) 659-4333 Fax: 1 (860) 633-1444 Email: kthor@fiberdust.com
310, 312
34, 35, 520, 522, 524From reliable commodities to innovative plant brands, Flowerwood Nursery offers the products consumers demand today, including the Southern Living™ Plant Collection, Encore Azalea®, Knock Out® Rose, and Endless Summer™ Hydrangea. Using our organized distribution network, Flowerwood's skilled staff will ensure that your plants arrive fast and fresh. Visit us to learn more about value-added services including point of purchase materials, tagging and pre-pricing.
1119, 1121We recognize a growing demand in the marketplace for unique and innovative products. To meet this demand, we began producing Hibiscus hybrid, Table Tomatoes, Table Strawberries, Accent garden plants along with many other popular products. New to our lineup in 2014, is our 'Atlas Collection' which features many unique tropicals, succulents and Rex Begonias. To complete the marketing package, we also offer Exculsive Value Added Upgrades in ceramic, wood and tin. This feature allows you to promote impulse buying and increase your profit margins. Our Website allows you to review all our products at a glance. With its encyclopedic format, it's the perfect reference tool for employees and customers alike. With a weekly delivery schedule, we're sure to assist you in many of your live goods needs.
457Young Plants (liners, cuttings, seeds) for the industry.
2414Forestry Suppliers, Inc. is a worldwide supplier and distributor of general-use and specialty products and equipment for the arboricultural, landscaping, and grounds maintenance markets. We offer top-quality brands you know and trust. Find our complete selection of tools, gear and equipment at www.forestry-suppliers.com or call (800) 360-7788 to request a free catalog.
2650, 2652Four Star Greenhouse produces superb young plants and finished crops for the wholesale/retail grower, garden retailer and professional landscaper. We are the #1 supplier of PROVEN WINNERS® plants and products worldwide, and are dedicated to providing the best plants, products, programs and services possible.
Four Star Greenhouse has 16 acres of indoor growing area and four additional acres of outdoor growing space at the Carleton, Michigan headquarters. The award-winning display gardens are open to the public and industry professionals in summer months, and showcase new and popular varieties.

As a founding member of the PROVEN WINNERS® brand, we invest strongly in research and development, and also breed many outstanding PROVEN WINNERS® and PROVEN SELECTIONS® brand plants. 

Visit www.pwfourstar.com for additional information. 
726, 823, 825, 827Established in 1978, Foxborough Nursery is a family owned wholesale nursery. We specialize in B&B sizes of rare and dwarf conifers, broadleafs, trees and shrubs. With an emphasis on quality we continue to produce a wide variety of trade standard material. At present we carry an inventory comprised of over 700 cultivars utilizing over 200 irrigated acres of our 400-acre agricultural operation. Our drip irrigation allows us to harvest most varieties all year long.
2143, 2145Fraser Knoll is a distributor of supplies and equipment used in the green industry for growers, landscapers, nurseries, retailers, etc. We know and understand our business. Products are used on our own farming and retail operations. This way we are able to test the quality and effectiveness of all our equipment and supplies. By using them in our own operations, we know how well they work and can confidently offer them to you. We are growers and retailers serving our fellow growers and retailers.

We offer hand tools (shovels, rakes, spades, pruning shears), pruning equipment, carts, gloves, fertilizer systems, colorants, baskets, plant tags and labels, etc. We have everything the Christmas tree retailer would need such as wreath rings, balers, netting, stands, banners, signs, ribbon, pricing tags, boxes, preservatives, water spouts, easels, berries & picks, saws, knives, etc.

As a grower and retailer, we select quality products at a great value to you. Ask us for our catalog.

703, 705Wholesale grower of bareroot and container live goods. Commercial orchard consistency with cutting edge varieties. Volume specialists in meticulous budding and grafting of fruit trees, berry plants, flowering, shade, and shrubs. www.freedomtreefarms.com
416, 418Frey Group, LLC continues to supply Quality Mulch (bulk & bags) and Soil Products (bags) to the East Coast; also Greenhouse & Nursery Mixes (Bulk, Sacks & Bags). We currently are a distributor for Quikrete Products -- you can add any of their palletized products to your mulch and soil order to fill out your load.
347We are a wholesale grower of B&B, Pot in Pot, and container trees and shrubs located on the fertile banks of the Ohio River in Lesage, WV. Over 200 acres in production of shade and ornamental trees. Field grown material includes Acer, Amelanchier, Betula, Carpinus, Cercis, Cornus (Dogwood), Crataegus, Gleditsia, Magnolia, Malus, Picea, Prunus, Pyrus, Quercus, Tilia, Tsuga, and Zelkova. Container grown material includes Azalea, Berberis, Buddelia, Buxus, Chamaecyparis, Hydrangea, Ilex, Juniperus, Rosa, Spiraea, Viburnum, Weigela.
2883G&S Nursery is a regional supplier of wholesale plants to commercial landscapers in the southeast with regular weekly deliveries to Florida, Georgia, & the Carolinas. We partner with our customers to provide a one stop shop providing credit terms, fast estimates, quick deliveries and wholesale prices. We pride ourselves in providing lightning fast customer service that reinforces our company motto, “The Highlight of Your Day”. G&S Nursery has 40 employees operating out of our 40 acre Nursery & Distribution Yard based in Lake City, FL. Our business office is located in Jacksonville, FL. Our fast paced, energetic team members and culture embraces family first, work hard, and have a ton of fun. We recently expanded our availability by 50% to include over 200 items and offer a large variety of guaranteed ready in inventory items. Whatever your landscaping needs we offer a wide range from 4? ground coverings up to field grown trees.
1716, 1718, 1720
2424GardenCenterMarketing.com is the source for Garden Center signage and website solutions. Use our online plant database of more than 19,000 records to quickly customize bench cards, hang tags and pot labels.

Adding an online plant library to your website is a snap. Or, if you need a completely new website, we offer solutions ranging from sweet and simple to more robust functionality including online sales.
2586Branding, Websites, Email Marketing, Postcards, Newsletters, Plastic Postcards, Loyalty Cards, Signage & Banners, Writing & Consulting Services.
2553GARDEN DESIGN NURSERY specializes in growing beautiful JAPANESE MAPLES perfectly adapted to our east coast conditions. We produce our own grafts, ensuring optimum quality control from start to finish. By concentrating on a limited number of trees, we are able to give the attention required to grow specimen quality Japanese maples. Garden Design Nursery offers a wide range of container sizes to meet Retail and Rewholesale needs. Please visit WWW.GARDENDESIGNNURSERY.COM
913Garden Marketing Group, LLC is an extension of your Marketing Department. Our goal is to help you sell more plants! Whether you are looking to create Name Recognition for your company or create Brand Awareness for your plants we will assist from creation to implementation of a solution that fits your needs. Utilizing Grower Tags, POP, Poster, Brochures, etc. we will help create the image to make your company successful. Contact us today to start a program to make your Spring Season more successful.
2001Gardenware dropped out of 2017 show due to weather. Vanessa agreed to apply their 2017 payment to their 2018 space. Check payment #1140 was the check information that they used to pay with in 2017. Gardenware only owed $35 for 2018 show. CB
343, 345
2605, 2606, 2607George Bridge has the largest collection of unique and mature plants, trees, and boxwood in the country. The Boxwood Farm is located in Southern Virginia on 200 acres and Acorn Farm Nursery is located on 25 acres just 30 minutes north of the Nations Capital. The Boxwood Farm consists of American and English boxwood up to ten feet tall and wide and 80+ years old. Acorn Farm houses plants that have been collected over the last 20 years and includes 100 year-old wisteria vines, 40 year-old espaliered apple trees and large deciduous specimen trees as well as boxwood. George has quantities that can realize even the most ambitious designs. George also caters to high-end landscape designers and architects, and he has been recognized for his own landscape design work. His landscaping design work includes the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, VA, and other institutions and private residences in NY, CT, NJ, MD, and VA
555, 557
162, 164Gold Hill Nursery is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced producers of container grown sculpted plants. We offer an unmatched selection of beautiful topiaries along with thousands of colorful ornamental shrubs, trees, vines, grasses, perennials, ground cover and fruit. As a loyal supporter of IGCs across the nation, we only do business with independents. This solid commitment has paved the way for us to offer incredible values. Let us help your business thrive.
2024, 2026
1134, 1136, 1138representing wholesale nurseries from the Mid-Atlantic and Oregon
2120We provide GPS fleet tracking systems to monitor your fleet, driver behavior, track fuel, track time sheets, and provide fleet management.
1823, 1825
1206, 1208, 1210
1009, 1011, 1013
2746, 2748Green Goods Direct has partnered with the finest nurseries across the nation to provide our retail customers with access to a broad spectrum of horticultural products. Our team of professionals possess experience and knowledge in all aspects of the garden business, and can provide you with expert advice on selecting, maintaining, and merchandising the right plants to help your business grow.
2410, 2412Green Leaf Plants, a division of Aris Horticulture Inc., specializes in high quality liner production of a diverse selection of perennials, herbs, and grasses, from garden staples to the latest new varieties as speculative and grow to order production. Green Leaf Plants sells through a network of distributor partners and offers over 1000 different varieties with many choices of sizes from 288 & 128 seed plug trays to 200, 162, 128, 72, and 30-cell liners including some production as vernalized liners in the 72 and 30-cell sizes. Key crops include Garden Mums, Dianthus, Herbs, Grasses and flowering pot crop plugs of Exacum, Gloxinia, and Lisianthus. Green Leaf Plants also offers a wide assortment of Blooms of Bressingham genetics including world-famous Geranium 'Rozanne'.
1800, 1901
654Manufactures Jaderloon greenhouses, Carolina Cooler, Versa Vent, benches, doors and other products. Supplies poly, polycarbonate, exhaust fans, shutters, heaters, controls, etc.
728, 829, 831, 833Greenleaf is one of America’s largest wholesale nursery growers, each year producing many millions of container-grown plants for retailers, re-wholesalers and landscapers across the U.S. and Canada.
720, 722
1135, 1137, 1139
295920% discounts on selected items if you mention this posting.... Propagators and Growers of Exceptional Nursery Stock. We are presently the producers of 65,000+ Carex pensylvanica..PENN Sedge..with three clones including a Midwest clone (North Central Wisconsin)...The Iron Range clone and central Pennsylvanica clone in production. We ship a heavy 12 clum bare root plant Spring till December each season. Greenwood is North America's largest producer of Epimedium liners with 65,000 plants in production. Native American gems including Pachysandra procumbens ..with 55,000 produced annually. Yellowroot..Xanthorhiza.. Other species include Aesculus parviflora and the cv. 'Rogers' with over 6,000 in production and exceeding 48" in height. This makes us America's bottlebrush source. Asarum Canadensis...Variegated Solomon's Seal...Pink Lily of the Valley and other garden treasurers rarely offered as domestically produced material.
632, 634, 636, 733, 735, 737
714Woody ornamental liners
734Grower of quality balled and burlap conifers and ornamental stock. Fresh cut Christmas trees and wreaths. Custom contract services for ag related work.
2104GrowIt! is a mobile community that connects hundreds of thousands of consumers in the gardening and plant world. We help get independent garden centers and nurseries in front of new consumer audiences. Stop in to see how we can help bring you into the mobile revolution.
650GrowerTalks|Green Profit is your complete information source for the horticultural industry. Commercial greenhouse growers and garden center retailers enjoy how GrowerTalks|Green Profit combines the best in growing, retailing, and consumer insights into one premium monthly publication. Visit www.ballpublishing.com to subscribe.
2367think outside the pot™. GROWinBAG™ with Easy-Fill™ heavy duty, round bottom grow bags. Manufactured from hospital grade HDPE; naturally resistant to bacteria and mould. Superior root growth without spiraling. Recyclable. Targeted watering and nutrient supply. Backed by a Manufacturers Guarantee. Bag bigger profits with proven results! www.growinbag.com
1212, 1214On demand printing of signs, tags & labels for wholesale & retail. For software, printers, media & the technical experts to make it work at your facility come see us in booth 1212 or call us @ 888-682-0219.
254Best Blades in the Business! Professional ARS and GT brand pruning and horticultural tools are ergonomically designed to be lightweight and super sharp with amazing long lasting sharpness. Perfectly balanced for all day use, these tools make any pruning job easier and more enjoyable. Hand pruners, hedge shears, saws and saw blades, pole saws, long reach pruners, loppers, flower knives, scissors, accessories.
3100GWA provides leadership and opportunities for education, recognition, career development and a forum for diverse interactions for professionals in the field of gardening communications. Join and connect with leaders in the garden communications industry, including writers & authors, bloggers, speakers, educators, photographers, educators, radio, TV & podcast hosts, horticulturists, master gardeners, landscape architects & designers, and green industry companies. Learn more at gardenwriters.org. 

314, 316Licensed grower for these fine brands: Encore Azaleas, Knock Out Roses, Drift Roses, Gardeners Confidence, Proven Winners, Endless Summer Collection, Southern Living Plant Collection. and David Austin Roses.
604Haifa is world leader in supplying specialty nutrients to the nursery industry. Haifa's water soluble and Multicote controlled release fertilizers are the building blocks growers need to produce the highest quality plants and profits.
429, 431
3102, 3103
514, 516Growers of premium B&B ornamental deciduous and evergreens sprawling more than 400 acres in production. Stop by the booth for a cup of coffee.
2165Hanna Instruments offers growers a variety of products to increase plant/crop yields and maximize plant growth. You will find Hanna products are extremely easy to use, economical and will assist you in measuring critical parameters such as, pH and EC that are essential to proper growth of plants and vegetables.
746Groundcover grower, Hosta, Daylilys, Ferns and others
944Growers of bare root and container one and two year shade, flowering and ornamental trees.
1022HARMONY HILL NURSERY is run by a team of passionate horticulturists organically growing strong drought and disease tolerant trees in an exceptional soil medium of clay rock and loam for a premium package. We grow Specimen shade, flowering, and ornamental trees to ten inch caliper or large evergreens to thirty feet.
2132, 2233Harrell’s produces top-quality, custom blended fertilizers, specialty nutrition liquids, and wetting agents. They are the world-class formulator and a leading world distributor of POLYON®, the industry’s superior controlled-release fertilizer technology. Harrell’s guarantees stringent quality control procedures, tight manufacturing specifications and careful selection of raw materials for each product that carries the Harrell’s name. Their products are shipped all around the eastern United States, across the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East and along the Pacific Rim. Harrell’s is also a leading distributor of branded fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, for Bayer, Syngenta and BASF, as well as many other reputable companies. For more information about Harrell’s including their core values to serve, honor and glorify God, take care of people, and grow their financial strength, visit www.harrells.com.
2798, 2899
2436, 2537 The Harvest families of companies are manufacturers and distributors of quality Mulch, Soils, and Compost in bulk and bag including the Nature's Pride and Nature's Pride Select product line. Custom blends include green roof growth media and bioretention soils. Greenwaste management and grinding services are also available. Contact the Harvest team and find out the unique ways we can be the single source provider for all your organic management needs.
1131, 1133
232, 234
1029, 928
835, 837Northeast Specialty Chemical:
Distributor of turf and ornamental chemicals, grass seed, fertilizers, pesticides
2362, 2463Henri Studio is North America's leading line of cast stone fountains and garden decor. Now produced by Stonecasters LLC, best-selling Henri products continue their 50 year tradition of premium quality and originality. Stonecasters all features The Brass Baron line of elegant bronze statuary and pond sculpture.
2116, 2118
2311Wholesale grower of quality leyland cypress, thuja green giant, and crape myrtles.
1019, 1021, 1023Pennsylvania Bluestone Wholesaler
515, 517Propagator of unusual deciduous ornamental lining-out stock. Transplants and plug-grown rootstocks. Huge choice of the newest varieties in columnar, variegated, and dwarf forms of Dogwood, Maple, Ginkgo, Redbud, Magnolia, Beech, and Baldcypress. Hard to find American natives including Yellowwood, Fringetree, Pawpaw,and Franklinia. Select, choice ornamental perennials. Truck or UPS delivery - your schedule; year-round delivery of plug-grown items. Website availability updated monthly, with examples of how to profit from Heritage plants in your garden center, wholesale nursery, or re-wholesale operation. Custom contracts for attractive pricing and dependable availability. Call for door-to-door delivered cost estimates. We’re your partner, not just your supplier.
2310, 2312
1414, 1416
458, 460, 462Large B&B Nellie Rs 6ft to 18 ft, container plants in 15 and 25 gals. Zone 6 Camellias, Compacta Hollies, Chindo Viburnums, Majestic Jade Skips, and Crape Myrtles.
852, 953Wholesale grower of quality shade and ornamental trees and flowering shrubs. Call or fax us for special quotes.
419, 421High Caliper Growing is the developer and manufacturer of the best fabric aeration containers available. Air-root pruning prevents root circling, and the increased air flow delivers oxygen to the root mass and dissipates heat. The Smart Pot, the Big Bag Bed family, Wall Flower hanging planter, Pond Pots and the in-ground Root Control Bag all utilize the patented geo-textile to produce the healthiest roots for both experienced professionals and the home gardener. Folds and stores easily for years of exceptional planting. Expand your garden with High Caliper Growing's NEW product for the 2018 gardening season: the Big Bag Long Beds. The new Big Bag Long Beds are 16" wide, 16" tall, and are available in lengths of 6, 8, and 12 feet long. No construction required - simply unfold, fill and plant. Fabric Long Beds drain well and are weatherproof, lasting for years of exceptional gardening.
501Wholesale nursery specializing in large caliper mature trees. Our commercial landscape division handles large commercial projects and can also install any of our trees. We currently have over 1,000 acres in tree production. We are conveniently located in central New Jersey. Please visit our website(s) for more information, www.highridgefarms.com, or www.treesnow.com.
2121, 2123Offering a wide selection of Native Wildflowers & Ferns, Native Shrubs & Trees, Ground Covering Vines & Bulbs, Flowering Shrubs & Trees, Fruit & Nut Trees, Shade & Ornamental Trees, and Live Stakes.
142, 243
2107Growers of High Quality Plants & Flowers proudly serving the Northeast for Over 40 Years. Family owned and operated, Hionis Greenhouses grows Holiday Plants, Flowering Annuals, Flowering Bulbs for Early Spring Sales, Combination Hanging Baskets and Containers, Outdoor Mums, and Poinsettias. Located in the Heart of New Jersey with easy access to all major highways. With over 10 acres of indoor growing space and 110 acres of outdoor growing space.
1302, 1304HIP Labels provide exceptional value through superior print quality, on-time delivery, incredible customer service and competitive pricing. From creative concept to final production, HIP can satisfy all of your horticultural identification and marketing needs including hang or stake tags, pressure sensitive labels, pot wraps and more. We specialize in custom concepts so you stand-out; your tags will be unique to your company so you won't look like everybody else!
412, 414Hoffman Nursery is a specialty liner nursery that produces ornamental and native grasses for wholesale nurseries, landscapers, garden centers, and municipalities across the United States and Canada. Hoffman Nursery liners are always fully rooted and ready to grow. In addition to ornamental and native grasses in the Poaceae family, choose from an extensive collection that includes Carex, Juncus, Acorus and Equisetum. Established in 1986.
542, 544We provide the highest quality products and services to every customer, with a dedicated work force that puts the customer first and takes the extra step to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
1034, 1036
51, 52
2643Holt Nurseries is pleased to offer you an opportunity to expand your product line with some exclusive and rare plants from our nursery in Apopka, Florida. Our nursery is unlike any other - we specialize in succulents, miniature “Fairy Garden” and terrarium plants as well as pond plants, cannas, water lilies, and carnivorous plants- the best quality for the best price! We are unlike any other nursery in North America- we are the Masters of the Assortment. In other terms, we take the guesswork out of what sells. By ordering our assortments, the product is aesthetically arranged and in trays so it goes from box to shelf and ready to sell within minutes! No tedious rearranging. No mess. No problem.
2305, 2307, 2309
1014Since 1925, our second generation wholesale nursery has been supplying New England with the finest plant material available. We have many varieties of bareroot, container and field grown plants.
554, 556, 655Quality Mid-Atlantic grower of containerized Perennials,Grasses,Ferns,Fruit trees,Flowering/Evergreen Shrubs,Deciduous/Flowering trees,Japanese Maples and Dwarf Conifers. Also growing B&B caliper trees , 2.0" and larger. Proven Winner shrubs and NEW for 2012 , ENCORE Azaleas are also grown. Hopewell Nursery offers WEEKLY deliveries in season to the IGC, from Virginia to Maine, UPC and Pre-Pricing available. Visit our website for the most current availability and to be added to our Nursery "Family" at our website: www.hopewellnursery.com Visit us at MANTS booth # 1400,1402,1404,1501 or call to have a salesman visit you. 856-451-5552
2552Horsey Turf Farms is a grower of premium turfgrass sod. We service the entire Mid-Atlantic region with state certified sod. Pick up or deliveries are available in regular rolls and big rolls.
1400, 1501
1032Hortica, a brand of the Sentry Insurance Group, is uniquely focused on the horticultural industry and a proven partner for business insurance, employee benefits and personal insurance since 1887. Hortica delivers comprehensive insurance solutions provided through safety/loss control expertise, prompt claims handling, personalized customer service and financial stability.
266HORTICOPIA® is the leading source of horticultural information software for the Green Industry since 1991. Search for plants using dozens of site criteria and plant characteristics. View plant information for an individual plant or group of plants, and print picture sheets, data sheets, lists and custom layouts with ease. The HORTICOPIA® Stock Photography site provides plant images that can be used on the web, in magazines, flyers, stationery, etc.
334We source and direct ship trees, shrubs, perennials, plugs and more to Landscapers, Municipalities, Re-Wholesalers and more. Over 25 years in business.
409, 411
2228Hortus USA is a primary manufacturer of Plant Rooting Hormones: Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts are used to make IBA Rooting Solutions. US importer of Dutch manufactured Rhizopon AA rooting products (since 1939): Dry Powder Rooting Hormones and easy to measure Tablets to make rooting solutions. USED BY THE LARGEST NURSERIES AND GREENHOUSES: The most popular method to propagate plants from cuttings in the growing season is by Foliar Solution Application. Also, use our products by ALL basal methods.
1912, 1914
1812, 1814Manufacturer and wholesaler of unique precast concrete products for premier customers nationwide. We are introducing our new line of Modular concrete grill stations.
355I Must Garden manufactures attractively packaged and consumer friendly animal repellents. Our products are made in the USA and are sold only to Independent Stores – NOT to box stores. Our pleasantly scented natural animal repellents are a welcome relief from foul smelling products. Our comprehensive line of repellents are people and pet friendly, environmentally safe and guaranteed. Aggressively priced, we offer product training, sales support and co-op and free advertising programs.
511, 513Everris's industry-leading brands include Osmocote® Plus patterned release fertilizers, Osmocote® Pro and Classic controlled release fertilizers, the revolutionary enhancement Everris Fusion Technology, Peters Professional® and Peters Excel® water soluble fertilizers, and a full range of herbicide, miticide and fungicide products.
341We are a container Nursery located in Tabernacle NJ producing 3 to 7 Gal. material and 10 to 25 gal Pot N Pot.
324, 326, 425, 427Ingleside Plantation Nurseries (IPN) is widely recognized as the largest wholesale nursery in Virginia, serving garden centers, landscapers and re-wholesalers throughout the New England and the Mid Atlantic regions since 1949. With over 1800 acres currently in production, IPN produces quality grown stock including ornamental shade trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, broadleaf evergreens, and conifers, produced as B&B or containers from #1 to #125.
1817Complete transportation and logistics services specializing in dry and refrigerated rail shipping for the nursery industry with Plant ProTek(TM) liners. Offering international freight forwarding, LTL and warehousing.
2366IPM Labs produces and distributes beneficial insects, mites and nematodes for the biological control of pests in greenhouses and nurseries. We have biological pest control solutions for spider mites, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, fungus gnats, mealybugs and more. We are also the only US producer of aphid banker plants used for setting up in-house production of aphid parasites.
2668, 2769, 2771Iseli Nursery is a premire wholesale grower of dwarf and unusual conifers, Japanese maples and select broadleaf garden trees and shrubs. We distribute our products throughout the US and Canada. You may reach us through our sales staff, through trade shows, our catalog, our website www.iselinursery.com, facebook or our blog coniferlover.wordpress.com. We invite you to visit us at all of these places as well as our growing grounds in Boring, Oregon.
273Italpollina is a global leader in the production of organic fertilizers, natural biostimulants and beneficial microbials. Italpollina’s innovation focuses on a sustainable and natural approach, maintaining human and environmental health as paramount – a day closer to Nature.
363, 365The Ivy Farm is a wholesale nursery that was founded in 1992. We are located in Locustville on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Our primary customers are independent garden centers, re-wholesalers, and landscape contractors. The Ivy Farm has grown to 55 acres of production space and our shipping area stretches from North Carolina to New York, with a high concentration in the Mid-Atlantic. Whether you are a long standing customer or giving us a try for the first time you can count on getting high quality, true to name, new and unusual perennials, ferns, ornamental grasses, flowering vines and shrubs when you need them. We will continue producing top notch plants at a fair price while providing exceptional service along the way.
1905, 1907J & R Exotic Foliage/Grower & Shipper of fine Tropical Foliage based in South Florida spans 40 acres,over 20 years experience in the horticultural industry. Production is focused on the needs & demands of our customer with quality assurance in mind. Our services may include,but not limited to Shipping Arrangements @competitive pricing,Multi-Drops, UPC labels,Care Tags etc. Large variety of spring flowering available for Pre-Booking.
370, 372
2670Grower of 1 gal Liners, Rooted Cuttings, 3 Gal Material, and Perennials.
607, 609
454, 456Wholesale grower of bare root and containerized shade, flowering and ornamental trees.
1025The family at J.R. Peters Inc. has been designing and producting water soluble fertilizer since the late 40's. Our products have become the standard of the industry to gowers of horticultural specialty crops. We value our reputation and we are determined to design and deliver products to our gorwers that meet our own highest standards. The backbone of our company is strongly supported by our on-site laboratory and research blending facility. Our technicians and support staff understand the needs of our customers, our growers, and the horticultural industry and strive to deliver the most accurate, fast sample analysis. J.R. Peters Inc. offers professional greenhouse growers over 60 stock formulations of Jack's Professional water-soluble fertilizers as well as a full line of retail fertilizers as Jack's Classic sold only to Independent garden centers. Jack's Professional & Jack's Classic products are made in the U.S.A. and produced in our Allentown, PA based facility.
2853, 2855
156, 158James Greenhouses was founded in 1998 by Ken and Leah James. The idea was simple enough – to produce high quality perennial plugs and liners for growers across the southeast. Fast forward to today - with a dedicated team of 36 people we produce and ship about 13 million liners per year across North America and beyond. The company has grown a lot, but the focus on quality and customer service remains the same. It is the higher standard that our customers have come to expect.
2413Top quality potting machines, tray line automation, and soil and transport systems. Automation for potted plants, bulbs, forestry products, perennials, etc. Pot placing and pick up robots, plant sorting systems, tray filling machines, poly bags and container filling, big bale units, soil dispensing systems, soil bunkers, watering stations, fertilizer dispensers, etc. Extensive automation for Greenhouse and Nursery operations.
622, 624"Superior Quality Evergreens Since 1929" We use only the finest basket and burlap to harvest 4' - 30' evergreens and we specialize in 12'+ stock.
2419Jelitto offers over 4,000 varieties of perennial seeds, ornamental grass, and herb seeds, including a line of organic medicinal and culinary varieties. We have been serving growers since 1957.
2427, 2429Jericho Farms offers container and B&B plants for landscapers, municipalities, rewholesalers, and garden centers. Our farm consists of 350 acres, and is located in Pikeville, NC. We are 18 miles from I95; and one mile from I795; and one hour east of Raleigh, NC. A very diverse selection of plant varieties are grown ranging from 1g liriope - 6" trees. We grow Abelias, Azaleas, Birch, Crapemyrtles, Elms, Hollies, Hornbeams, Hydrangeas, Junipers, Maples, Oaks, Redbuds, Sycamores, Zelkovas, and more. Customer service is individualized to meet each person's plant needs. Quality and honesty are priorities at our nursery. Orders usually ship within 2-5 working days. Call us for freight and delivery options. Your visit to our nursery is welcomed; however, if you are unable to visit, we provide photos of our material. We appreciate your business, and the opportunity to work with you. Have a blessed day!
2221, 2223Removed interior display sponsorship - decided not to do clings this year.
Providing growers with the highest quality growing media, media containers, and other supporting products or services which enhance the successful propagation or cultivation of plants. 

Achieving this through continuous innovation and consistent compliance to high standards of quality and environmental awareness.
2884, 2886, 2888, 2890, 2985, 2987, 2989, 2991
606Wholesale growers of bareroot shade and ornamental trees. We are located in Portland, Oregon and have been in business for 40 years. We say thank you to those good customers who have stayed loyal to us over this period of time
2645, 2647We offer sales and design representation to high quality residential landscape contractors on the East Coast. Bring us the lead and we'll design it and sell it, you build it. Use our credentials, civil engineering and landscape architecture, and your portfolio to compete with the best! No need to hire us full time, we're paid only when we close the job for you!
811, 813, 815Wholesale grower servicing Retail Garden Centers, Re-wholealesers and Landscape contractor's throughout the Northeast. We provide perennials, containers, PNP and shade and flowering trees as well as Sod.
2250, 2351, 2353•Grower of quality shrubs, annuals, & perennials •New & exciting plant introductions added to our selection yearly •Same week deliveries on our trucks •We deliver from South Carolina to Massachusetts •Driver assisted unloading from carts/shelves •Website video of plant material updated weekly •Plant availability updated weekly •Customized tags & signage with your logo, price, sku, & barcode info •Friendly customer service
2783, 2785Year round grower of plugs and cuttings of annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables. We service growers all across North America, and specialiaze in small increments, low minimus, and mix & match cases for the small and medium sized growers. Experience Jolly Farmer this season!
2960, 2962
2839, 2841Juniper Farms is now Veriflora certified for sustainable and responsible peatlands management and peat moss production. The rigorous Veriflora certification program recognizes Juniper Organics for producing peat moss in compliance with stringent environmental, social and product-quality standards. The company currently uses Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss in formulated mixes for retail and professional consumers located in Canada, the US and several Caribbean markets. In addition to Veriflora certification, Juniper Farms also has several products that are certified “Organic” and listed with OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute).
1237, 1239
323, 325Horticultural Distributor of greenhouse, nursery, landscape and garden center supplies
2317Kankakee Nursery is a wholesale supplier of shade and ornamental trees, flowering shrubs, evergreens, and perennials to the garden center and landscape trade. Founded in 1925 by Clyde Worth. Located about 60 miles south of Chicago and with over 3000 acres of holdings, Kankakee Nursery can provide convenience while assuring 'Quality in Quantity'. Serving the United States from Colorado to New England.
400, 402
2313, 2315
2231Container grown Japanese Maples from liners to 1 gallon. Over 200 varieties available
566, 568, 570Kennedy Concrete is Home of the Blue Mountain Stone Line. Blue Mountain Stone: our bestselling simulate of Pennsylvania Blue Stone was designed to meet the rigid demands of landscape architects; developed and engineered to perfection by Al Kennedy, Jr. in the late 1990s; and introduced to market in 1999. For over FOUR GENERATIONS the Kennedy name has been synonymous with CONCRETE INNOVATIONS. This year's show is no exception to the Kennedy tradition of innovation in the design and manufacture of precast. We're offering more stock colors, sizes, patterns and choices than ever. Pavers; Pier & Wall Caps; Step treads (12", 14" & 18" deep varying lengths to 75"); Landscape steps (6" High x 14" Deep x Varying Lengths to 72"); 48" and 72" Landings (or Stoops); Decorative Concrete Art Pavers; Garden Benches; Outdoor Kitchens; Outdoor Tables; Fire Pits, Fire Pit Caps and too much more to mention. Something special in mind? Let your imagination run wild with a Kennedy Custom Creation.
2114Grower of B and B evergreens, over 600 acres in production. Located in Western NY. family owned and operated since 1939.
2217, 2219Wholesale grower of quality B&B nursery stock, including broadleaf evergreens, grafted conifers, Japanese maples and deciduous shrubs.
7King-Hughes Fasteners is a family owned USA manufacturer of hog rings and hog ring tools. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff can provide you with the right ring for your fastening needs.
2638, 2640Grower of large landscape size B&B trees and shrubs. Grown to accent or be a vocal point of any landscape design.
2010Kirk offers the highest quality fresh cut Christmas Trees along with a complete line of grower and tree lot products. Our branded products include tree and nursery balers, netting, removal Bio-Bag™, Tree Life™ preservatives, natural and Specialty tree colorants, vibrant colors to stop traffic and many more profit makers.
2644Family Nursery, Growing quality Oregon material including, Emerald Green, Japanese Maple, Rhododendron, Dogwood and many different grafted conifers
2405Klyn Nurseries Inc. is a wholesale nursery serving landscape contractors, re-wholesalers, retail garden centers and municipalities.
Our primary markets for distribution of plant materials are Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Western New York, West Virginia, and Kentucky.
1500, 1502, 1601, 1603Experience grower solutions through greenhouse container innovation. Home of the new Trench Tek container bottom; eliminating the need for watering discs, conserving water with trench technology, and protecting your roots from rot. Also offering a new market presentation tool - the Grab & Tag Handle - compatible with our 10" Earth Pot, offers growers the ability to customize their tag for optimal customer communication.
1113, 1115
1724Kraemer's Nursery grows over 500 varieties of broadleaf evergreens, deciduous flowering shrubs, conifers, Japanese maples, vines, perennials and small fruit . We specialize in a wide range of containerized nursery stock.
423Propagators of Quality Bed Grown Bare Root Liners for 30+ years of the following Genera - Acer, Buxus, Chionanthus, Cotinus, Fothergilla, Halesia, Hydrangea, Magnolia, Prunus, Thuja, Ulmus, and Viburnum
1518, 1520
2338, 2340Sales@KUBEPAK.COM
Poinsettias, Bedding Plants, Starter Plugs, Mums, Strawberries
1222, 1224
847, 849Family owned and operated since 1977. Kurt Lee Products services Garden Centers, Greenhouses, Florists, Nurseries, Christmas Tree Growers, Interior Decorators and Landscape Contractors from Maine to Florida and west to California. We distribute a very unique and marketable selection of ribbons and bows. All bows are packaged to avoid crushing during shipping and storage. Our bow program over the past 17 years has exceeded our expectations and we believe it will exceed yours. All bows are made in the U.S.A of the finest quality ribbons. When you factor in the cost of doing business, you will find that our bow program will save you both time and money. Our bow program will reduce your need to pre-tie Christmas bows weeks or even months in advance, eliminating several problems such as space, crushing, dust, and labor. For those who still prefer to tie their own bows, we offer a large selection of production rolls.
1001, 1003, 1005
306Lake Oconee Tree Farm & Nursery has been in the business of growing superior quality trees and shrubs for over 30 years.

We take great pride in producing well-developed, disease-free, quality trees at very competitive prices. All of our trees are grown to meet the highest standards in our industry. We root prune our tree as well as use an injection fertilization system. We give our customer the option of having their tress dug with Caretree spades or optimal tree spades.

Lake Oconee Tree Farm has two growing locations. The original farm is in Oconee County right outside Athens, Georgia. Our Second and newest operation is located at Lake Oconee in Eatonton, Georgia. We now have over 120+ acres in production and expanding in near future.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our farms, and the relationships that we develop with our customers. Please feel free to visit our farm to select your own plant material.
2220Lake Valley Seed is a national, full-line garden seed company with more than 30 years of experience as a trusted resource to retailers for flower, herb, and vegetable seeds, including USDA Certified Organic seeds and Pagano seeds imported from Italy. Risk-free terms, customized orders, high fill rate, and free shipping on filled displays make it easy to sell garden seeds in your store. Space-saving displays for every size store. We're a Master Nursery Garden Center Rebate Vendor.
2304, 2306The Lambert Peat Moss co., founded in 1928, is one of the true Pioneers in developing the Peat Moss industry in North America. Once with a product line of screened & bagged Peat Moss, we now offer throughout the world numerous lines of Professional Growing Mixes & Retail Potting Mixes as well as select types of premium Peat Moss. Be it for organic growing (OMRI listed products), high porosity, germination, plugs and seedlings needs, our peat-based mixes are developed to match the constant demand of an evolving agriculture. Lambert Peat Moss Inc. has its VeriFlora® Certified Peatland Products Certification, and thus believes in a sustainable peatland management. Lambert… At the root of your success since 1928. Visit us at www.lambertpeatmoss.com
428, 430, 432, 529, 531, 533
2739For 30 years Landmark Plastic has been making life easier and less chaotic for growers, from propagation to patio. Our wide range of plastic containers, trays, packaging and growing systems for the horticultural industry were all designed with a deep understanding of what growers need.
2106LandOpt provides the perfect mix of business solutions to grow your business.
459, 461
2418, 2420Removed sponsorship - decided not to sponsor the phone charging stations this year.
OMRI Listed and STA Certified Bulk Premium Compost, Enriched Topsoil, Custom Engineered Soil Blends, Rain Garden Mixes, Bioretention Soil, and Mulch. With 30,000ft2 of COVERED storage and blending facilities on our 125 acre production facility, we always have DRY product that is screened and ready for you!
25, 26, 27
348, 350At Lee Rain, we are redefining resourcefulness. Securing a vital, sustainable future for mankind’s most precious of resources—water, food, and energy—requires deep insight and ground-breaking ingenuity to overcome familiar challenges. We’ve taken a close look at the social and economic issues man faces for sustainable growth and how to mitigate the risks to our natural resources. True resourcefulness lies at the intersection of agronomics, analytics, precision irrigation and social desire to deliver high-quality solutions: using less to achieve more. From the breakthrough science of P2i (Plant to Irrigation) to the creation of leading-edge strategies for businesses to optimize their food growing operations, we are collaborating with our clients, from farm to fork, to realize a new vision of how the Earth, its people, and its communities can thrive and grow.
2100, 2102Located in Cascade VA , serving our customers for over 100 years we offer our customers over 20 acres of container grown shrubs and 200+ field grown trees appealing to garden centers and landscape professionals. We are ready to assist you with your needs today.
700, 801, 803Thank you for your interest in Lilley Farms and Nursery, Inc. We are a family owned and operated wholesale nursery centrally located in the Tidewater area of South Eastern Virginia just off of I-64 and I-664. With 240 acres under production, we specialize in field grown ornamental, shade and evergreen trees. Our tree farm is located in Suffolk, Virginia just off of Rt 17 at the Cornell, Eberwine & Hurff farms. We provide custom dug B&B trees ranging from 1.5" and greater with in house capabilities up to a 44" root ball. We also offer 15 gallon material at our office in Northern Chesapeake located 15 minutes away from the tree farm . Feel free to stop by for a tour of our facility. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please call ahead for there is not always assistance at both locations. We look forward in doing business with you!
614, 616The SOURCE you can Depend on for Quality Woody Ornamental Liners and Finished Container Stock. We supply Wholesale Nurseries, Garden Centers(Retail-Ready), Landscapers, Landscape Supply, Brokers, and more! Call 1-888-812-3020 or email sales@linersource.com for more information! LSI offers 2” , 3" and 4” Liner Material and 6” , 10”, 14" Container sizes. Over 300 Varieties of plants! One - Stop - Shop. Nationwide Delivery. Canada, International Delivery.
2789, 2791Landscape Quality: B&B
Native Plants: B&B,Container, Bare Root & Live Stakes.
Wildflowers & Ferns: Bare Root

We grow a variety of shade trees, shrubs,
evergreens & nut trees.

918, 920
1417Lucas Greenhouse is a wholesale greenhouse, located in southern New Jersey, offering a wide selection of annuals in many sizes and containers. Lucas Greenhouse also offers pre-finished plant material for both poinsettias & spring, rooted poinsettia cuttings & a custom grow program for landscapers.
258, 260Manufacture Representative for: Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss and Growing Mixes, Van der Knaap coir, ProSource Plus Nursery & Grower Mixes.
216, 218
834Manufacturing of Horticultural labels, tags, UPC labels, custom tags, sales cards and holders.
643Magnolia Gardens Nursery is a family owned and operated biotechnology business with a vision to produce the absolute world's best agriculture, horticulture, forestry in vitro and finished plant plug products. Utilizing our 35 years of research and experience we have developed procedures and techniques that allow us to deliver superior products in large volumes in a short period of time; providing reliable value to our customers.
408, 410Main Line Pottery has been importing and distributing flower pots to garden centers for over 20 years. We specialize: Terra Cotta from Italy Outdoor Glazed from Malaysia Outdoor Glazed from Vietnam Granite from China: Bird Baths Benches Fiberglass Urns from China Rotational Molded Plastic from the Dominican Republic Indoor Porcelain Fish Bowls and Pots/Saucers from China Go to our website at mainlinepottery.com
530, 532
202Provider of Computer Software Programs, Retail Management System, Rental Program Module, CounterPoint, Inventory Control, Point of Sale (POS), Provider of Remote Backup and Managed Services, Communications, Labels, Tags, Signs
44, 45, 46
1902, 1904Marmiro Stones offers marble and travertine for all exterior applications with a wide selection of pavers, pool coping, treads, veneer, wall blocks, wall caps, slabs, and custom fabrication. Our products are Created by Nature, Crafted with Passion.
1130, 1132
1028, 1129We are wholesale growers of woody ornamentals. Our specialties include azaleas, cleyera japonica, gardenias, hollies, loropetalum and deciduous shrubs.
1047, 1049We are a grower of aquatic and moisture loving plants, including Waterlilies, Lotus and Carnivorous Bog Plants. We are a manufacturer and designer of water gardening products like Floating Islands, Mechanical and Biological Filters and Pond Ornaments. Additionally we make Floating Wetlands for large pond and lake water quality improvement. Services include Nutrient Management and Aquatic Weed Control
15, 16Since 1934 the MNLGA has existed to support, promote, and provide services and assistance to member businesses. We support all constituent groups of the horticulture industry, including landscape, garden centers, interiorscape, grounds maintenance, nursery, greenhouse, arboriculture, botanical gardens and other allied businesses. The MNLGA also provides a unified voice of the industry, communicating to the public the vital role of the green industry in improving the quality of life. Our membership, over 250 strong, enjoy the benefits of quality continuing education programs, publications, the Certified Professional Horticulturist Program, access to a professional lobbyist, and much more. If you are interested in membership, please visit us at MANTS, booths 15 and 16, and visit our website at www.mnlga.org.
938, 940, 942For over 35 years, we have been serving the growing needs of commercial greenhouse & nursery growers. We have an extensive inventory and complete line of quality greenhouse & nursery products that can be delivered weekly on our trucks. We currently serve Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, pan handle of West Virginia, Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania providing delivery service and field sales support throughout. MPS is also your source for all of your plant liners. With over 20 suppliers, we offer a great selection of annuals (including Proven Winners), perennials, grasses, foliage, vegetables and herbs. We also deliver the locally grown plant liners on our heated trucks.
2354MAS Labor provides hardworking, legal labor to employers with a need for seasonal labor through the H-2A and H-2B Visa programs.
2543, 2545Cast Stone Statuary featuring fountains, bird bath, urns, benches and an extensive selection of garden statues and water features. For more than 40 years we have been serving the USA with quality cast stone products for the home and garden.
PSLMaster Nursery Garden Centers is a member owned cooperative of over 550 Independent Garden Centers with members in both the United States and Canada. The Master Nursery Co-op uses its purchasing influence to ensure that our member purchases are cost effective through discounted pricing or volume rebates from associated vendors. Optimum quality, on time delivery and related vendor services are key components to the co-op's choice of vendors. Our programs reach across virtually all IGC product groupings, including green goods, hard goods, and giftware. Come by and visit us at our booth in the Pratt Street Lobby.
1026, 1125, 1127A Leader in the Industry
The agricultural roots of the May family go back to the nineteenth century in north Florida... back more than 150 years, in fact, when the senior Mays' great-grandfather first settled here in the 1820's. For four generations, the May family worked the land on successful shade tobacco farms, and now for three generations, the family has applied its extensive experience to the nursery business. In 1971, Fount H. May, Sr. and Don F. May, Sr., completely converted the family's Havana, Florida shade tobacco farm to a nursery that concentrated on azaleas, ilex and junipers. They foresaw that U.S. cigar wrapper tobacco crops would yield international growers and, with a systematic study of successful nurseries, made the change. What they began has been nurtured and increased by their sons, Fount Jr., Don Jr., Fred, and Brad, who have assumed operation of the nursery. Now, third generations, Ashley, Richard, John Bradford, and Joel are continuing this tradition.
1226, 1327
2236, 2337Established in 1966, McLamb Nursery has a long history of providing top-quality plant material. Specializing in woody ornamentals, we grow a variety of hollies, crape myrtles, dogwoods, and landscape roses. We also carry just the right mix of perennials, shrubs, evergreen and shade trees for any landscape design. Our plant material comes in containers ranging in size from one quart to one hundred gallon and field dug, ball and burlap, from five feet to five inch caliper. McLamb Nursery is conveniently located off Interstate 40, and open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Someone is always here to take your call. Delivery arrangements are available. (919) 894-3709 or 800-900-3709, fax: (919) 894-2446 email: salesmclambnursery.com website: www.mclambnursery.com Friend us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!
2843, 2845McMakin Farms, Inc. is a family-owned wholesale nursery located in Lyman, SC(Greenville-Spartanburg area) with over 150 acres in production. We have a broad assortment of evergreens, shade trees, and flowering and ornamental trees. We provide trees to a variety of wholesale clients including landscape architects, landscape installers, general contractors, and other wholesale and retail nurseries.
1426, 1527Over 400 acres devoted to quality container nursery stock featuring a wide selection of landscape size: Garden Roses, Knock Out Roses, Rhododendrons, Pieris, Holly, Azaleas, Kalmia, Flowering Shrubs, Evergreens, Grasses and Pe
2954Today’s high-tech growing environment uses fog systems to cool and humidify without over-wetting.

Greenhouse cooling systems (humidification systems) facilitate seedling development and healthy plant growth by generating high volumes of ultra-fine droplets that evaporate quickly.

All MeeFog greenhouse cooling and propagation humidification systems are custom engineered to fit the exact needs of each project. Mee Industries will analyze the supply water and design a water treatment system to ensure many years of low maintenance nozzle operation.

Add MeeFog humidity to cool crops without wetting to create the perfect growing environment in your greenhouse. Most importantly, you’ll see a rapid return on investment for installing a MeeFog™ System.
805, 807We are a Maryland family owned nursery that has been in business for 40+ years. Grow Bonsai, Bonsai starters, Accent plants used for Fairy Gardens, as well as Terrarium plants. We produce most of our own plant material on site, and have a large variety of plants. Shipping is available year round.
2574, 2576, 2578
719, 721, 723Serving retailers, landscapers, greenhouse growers, and wholesalers nationwide. We offer top quality nursery stock, citrus trees, greenhouse products, foliage plants, pots, and seed from key suppliers all over the country. We are proud to represent these exciting Michell's exclusives: CLI Colors, Duarte Citrus Trees & Vines, Fairy Flowers, Green Fuse Botanicals, and Koba Pots! A fourth generation family owned company, in business since 1890, Michell's knows how to take care of your green industry needs.
2450, 2452, 2454, 2456
2314, 2316
53, 54
172, 174
1128We are Importers of Pottery and Cast Iron Products. Distributors of Terracotta, Stoneware Pottery, Galvanized Planters, Cast Iron Urns with Custom Hand Finishes, and Cast Iron Chiminea's all over the Mid Atlantic Region, (But not limited to). We carry a Unique, as well as a Classic assortment. " Great Products at Great Prices ".
1818, 1820
669, 671
822, 824, 826, 925, 927
626, 727We grow the healthiest, highest quality plants for people to create outdoor spaces that will thrive for years to come. Our plants are nurtured with attention to every detail, to ensure vibrancy and lasting beauty. And whether you’re an experienced green thumb or an admirer of nature who is digging in for the first time, we’re there with guidance and inspiration to help you achieve success. Grow Beautifully With Us
812, 814, 816, 818
352Moon's Tree Farm is a wholesale tree grower located in Washington, Georgia where we grow over 60 varieties of balled and burlapped trees. We have earned a reputation for growing top-quality trees while maintaining personalized attention to each and every customer.
817We are a wholesale grower dedicated to B&B production of quality shade, flowering, ornamental, and evergreen trees. We also produce and harvest fescue turf grass in both standard and big rolls. We are located 60 miles west of Washington, DC allowing for convenient pickup or delivery of material in the Mid-Atlantic vicinity.
2698, 2799Boxer Equipment, Morbark, Sales Service and Attachments
702, 704At Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry, we specialize in tagging, labeling, packaging, and merchandising solutions for the greenhouse and nursery industry. We focus on speed, quality, and reliability, and are known for unparalleled creativity, innovation, and program development. The John Henry Company has been the leader in the horticultural printing industry for over 98 years. We are excited to continue exceeding your expectations with our new name, MPS.
1321, 1323, 1325
2336, 2437
2849, 2851Mycorrhizal Applications is the world's leading manufacturer of mycorrhizal fungi inoculants which boost plant health and vigor. Wholesale pricing available for growers, and bulk mycorrhizal propagules available for soil and amendment manufacturers. We offer multiple formulations and application methods with unmatched species diversity.
565, 567N.G. Niccolai is producing big heavy duty injection molded PE nursery containers, made of 100% recycled plastic material. Our company is situated in Tuscany, Italy and we are exporting our pots and containers all over the world since many years.
603We are a well established grower that has been in the nursery business for over 50 years.We have over 200 acres of prime growing space filled with Evergreens and other stock. We grow Semi-Sheared and Natural White Pine, Canandian Hemlock, Kousa Dogwood, Austrian Pine, Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, Norway Spruce, Sugar Maples, Redbuds, and Boxwoods. We use Red Boss tree spades to dig with. We will ship or you can pick up. Please check out our website at Nativeevergreen.com
2443Native Forest Nursery grows over 60,000 air pruned #3 container plants and over 10 million hardwood and pine bareroot seedlings annually. Our plant products are used in the horticulture, conservation and mitigation industries. Our containerized operation offers over 50 species of native trees, shrubs and cultivars of native species. We grow several long time favorites such as Flowering Dogwood and Southern Magnolia. Starting in 2016, we are offering The Rising SunTM Redbud. Our bareroot seedling line offers over 50 species of native hardwoods, pines and shrubs. Our seedlings are hand lifted and hand packaged to ensure the highest quality seedlings are delivered to our customers. We have the ability to grade our seedlings for size and form to deliver the exact seedlings or liners our customers are looking for. Our seedlings are kept in refrigerated storage from the day of lifting until the day your order is shipped.
2, 3
1819, 1821
3104We are passionate about the beauty and integrity of your structures. Our clients enjoy lasting elegance, high value, and durability with simple install. Natural Facing creates the ultimate thin stone facing for limitless applications.
2658A Wholesale nursery specializing in B&B Evergreens from 5'-30'. We have a wide variety of species to fit every need whether you are looking for quality stock to fill your yards or for those special jobs that require nothing but the best, Natural Landworks is your source!
374Naturals Brands is a full service, product Development Company specializing in seasonal and everyday home decor. Designed by us and manufactured all over the world, our products include wreaths, garland and floral home décor. Our manufacturing facility in Warren, RI allows us to produce customized and unique products for our customers.
2527Nature's Source Plant Foods were created in 1982 with a patented nutrient extraction process from oil seeds which is the basis for the current formulations. Product lines are available for Greenhouse, Nursery, and Edibles production, plus Landscape and Retail. Nature’s Source is continually adding to their sustainable product portfolio of plant nutrition, such as a new Soil Amendment, Nature’s Source Plant Probiotic for professional growers, and continues the development of new sustainable products to improve grower efficiencies at a cost competitive price. The company’s manufacturing operates a state-of-the-art Zero-Waste manufacturing facility in Sherman, TX with a distribution through most major horticultural distributors.
2245, 2247, 2249Bulbs, Perennials, Small Fruits & Vegetables, Tropicals, Waterplants, Holiday Gifts & Pottery. Netherland Bulb Co is family owned and operated on both sides of the ocean. We value independent garden centers and are committed to providing the finest quality Dutch bulbs and perennials direct from Holland. We also carry perennial liners from many fine growers here in the United States. And we offer the best customer service in the industry both before and after the sale.
1120Quality grown Conifers and Japanese Maples.
2257, 2259Manufacturer of Injection Molded Nursery Containers and trays, including most branded programs like Proven Winners, Knockout Rose, and Endless Summer. Distributor of Tree Boxes, Pot in Pot systems, Blow Molded and Pressure Formed Nursery Pots.
2682, 2684New England Ladder Co is the U.S. Distributor for Hasegawa Tripod ladders. Hasegawa Tripod ladders are engineered for safety and built to last. Stop by our booth and see for yourself why we are the best tripod ladder in the marketplace.
2407A growers representative, NENS serves PA, NY & the New England states supplying b&b and container nursery stock to discerning landscape contractors & IGC's. Highly focused on customer service and satisfaction, NENS offers direct from grower pricing, coordinating the timely shipment of material from the growers to nursery yards and jobsites.
413New Moon Nursery is a wholesale propagation nursery, producing Eastern native plant species in deep plug liners. We offer herbaceous perennials, grasses, ferns, and vines, both straight species and their cultivars. Our plug liners are used for direct planting, container production, storm water management, and restoration. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality plant material, at a fair price.
1710, 1712Manufacturer of premium hardscape and outdoor living products, including interlocking pavers, segmental retaining walls, permeable pavers and fire pits.
2126, 2128, 2130, CSL-4000
1406, 1408Manufacturers of Paving Stones, Interlocking Pavers, Allan Block Retaining Wall, Aqua Paver, Permeable Pavers. Also make a wide variety of hardscaping products. IE....deocrative steps, fire rings.
A family owned business since 1923.
569, 571, 573Specializing in plant propagation since 1988, North Creek Nurseries supplies wholesale and retail growers with starter plugs of perennials, hardy ferns, ornamental grasses, sedges and vines with an emphasis on eastern US natives. Our Landscape Plugs™ provide native plant solutions for ecological projects such as storm water management, landscape restoration, soil stabilization, bioswales, rain gardens, wildlife habitats, meadows and green roofs. Great Plants Start Here!™

North Creek is a founding partner in the branded retail based American Beauties? Native Plants Program. North Creek offers liners of native plants to growers and retail growers, who want to sell this branded program as a finished product. Regional growers such as Prides Corner Farms in CT, Quality Greenhouses in PA, Nashville Natives in TN, Willoway Nurseries in OH and Fisher Farms in OR can provide wholesalers or retailers finished plants in the program. For woody liners, please contact Spring Meadow Nursery in MI.
521, 523
1012Shipping Nursery Stock is our core business! Serving the Green Industry for forty years, we build complete transportation solutions for our customers, and specialize in both Trucking & Rail services for all manner of Nursery and Greenhouse products nationwide. We provide all modes of transport. . .Van, Refrigerated/ Temp Control, Flatbed, Intermodal Rail. . .and handle shipping product on carts, racks, and floor loaded. We also help our customers with their Reverse Logistics needs, coordinating both pickup/return of carts from the market and inbound shipping.
633Northland Floral Inc. has been servicing the Garden Center Industry as well as Wholesale Growers in the Northeast and Midwest for over 12 years. Northland has a wide range of finished Seasonal, weekly potted plants and fresh cut flowers. Our availability covers everything from A-Z from African Violets to Zebra plants. We have a professional and courteous staff of drivers from our sister company Northland Transport. Our trucks run weekly in most areas for fresh shipments of potted plants and cut flowers. We do many upgrades as well as seasonal accents such as Birch poles, Curly willow, Red twig dogwood and many other items for Holiday accents. Northland also prides it self on keeping up to date with many new plant introductions and is always searching out new items. We want to keep you, our customer in the fore front and we are always striving to find ways to service you our customer better.
1913, 1915
1233, 1235
1604, 1606NuFiber® provides an all in one soil building amendment. NuFiber® is simply; the cellulose plant fiber, extracted from agriculture residuals, treated through a natural biological and thermal process, which produces a pathogen free, organic soil amendment that can be used in lawn/garden and a variety of horticultural markets.
2357, 2359
855, 857, 859
2975Mulches, Soils and Landscape Supplies.
Western Red Cedar Mulch, Grade A Cypress, Pine Straw, Pine Bark Mulches and Soils.
1424NurserySource is the home of RediRoot, a growing system designed for growers by growers. The ultimate plant life support system, RediRoot assists growers in establishing plants and trees with stronger root systems, faster grow cycles, and higher yields from propagation to field planting or sale. Using air pruning technology, RediRoot’s design prevents circling roots enabling plants and trees to grow dense, fibrous root structures. Air pruning provides a variety of benefits to plants including the elimination of transplant shock, reduction of labor costs (by eliminating the need for root pruning), and reduction of root rot and disease. Find us online at: nurserysource.com
1425, 1427NYP CORP- The Nurserymen’s first choice for over 60 years ! With our acquisition of Great Western Bag, we now have 6 locations to serve you with all your nursery supply needs- New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Tennesee and St. Louis. As manufacturers and direct importers, we can offer you great prices, top quality products, along with our excellent customer service. In these tough economic times, let us quote you on all your needs- big or small. Check us out at www.nyp-corp.com. NYP Corp- serving with pride and integrity since 1946.  

2736, 2837Established 100 years in 2016, O.A. Newton is a commercial irrigation supplier. Located in Bridgeville, Delaware, they are able to supply and service Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern regions. O.A. Newton has recently expanded their store to include Farm & Ranch hardware and supplies in addition offering a full range of products from Valley, Kifco and Drip/Micro Irrigation, alongside a personable Service team, has given them a competitive edge in the irrigation market. In addition to Pivot Irrigation, Hard Hose Travelers and Drip supplies, O.A. Newton offers Pumps, Power Units and Generators from Goulds, Caprari and Kubota, to name a few. Supplying Irrigation Fittings, PVC Pipe, Aluminum Pipe, Filtration and Suction Hose allows the company to customize irrigation solutions for each individual customer’s circumstances. For exceptional Product, Service and Parts, choose O.A. Newton for your next project.
2661Premium growers of Maryland certified tall fescue as well as Latitude, Northbridge & Patriot bermudagrass and zoysia for landscapers, golf courses and athletic fields. Delivery or pick ups available. Available as small rolls, folds or big rolls.
21Wholesale grower of mid-Atlantic and Northeast native tress and shrubs for environmental restoration and conservation projects. Container grown plants from "container seedlings" to #7 gallon trees. Distributor or Tubex tree shelters and open mesh tree trunk protectors.
562, 564
1626, 1725, 1727OHP provides high quality chemicals including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and our new line of biosolutions products for nurseries and greenhouses. We are introducing Fortress Granular Herbicide for container and field nurseries which can be used on crops such as perennials and ornamental grasses. We have new flea beetle insecticides coming soon as well as best in class miticides for the US nursery and greenhouse industry. Top line fungicides such as Segway for pythium and phytophthora and Astun for botrytis are available. Production horticulture is our focus.
2598, 2699Oldcastle Lawn & Garden has the East Coast covered for all your landscaping needs. With facilities from Maine to Florida, more locations to serve you better!!
Visit us at Booth 2598/2699 for a look at our complete line of products.
Jolly Gardener Professional Growing Mixes: Standard & Custom formulations made to order at our state of the art facilities.  
Just Natural organic soils, Jolly Gardener premium soils. 
Manufacturer of quality BULK MULCH: Bark Mulch, Pine Mulch, Hemlock Blend, Premium Black, Premium Brown, Red Mulch, Root Mulch, Enriched Mulch, Aged Pine Fines, Soil Conditioner, Playground Surfacing. 
Bagged products: Jolly Gardener mulch, soil and soil amendments, Kolorscape decorative stone, Soil Doctor lime, Jolly Gardener lime.
449, 451We are a 38 acre wholesale nursery. Full variety of trees, shrubs, and perennials as well as soil ammendments. We deliver to the Baltimore/Washington Metro/Northern Virginia. Visit us at www.OlneyGardensWholesale.com
275With 34 years of experience, Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc is America’s number one producer of the most complete line of 100% recycled vinyl “L” shaped paver restraints and polyethylene/vinyl landscape edgings. Oly-Ola products are sold exclusively through landscape distribution centers, landscape contractors, architects and independent nursery/garden centers. 

2007At One Floral, only our hydrangeas are dormant; we are anything but. Superior quality is priority One. With our years of growing experience, we are active and always seeking what is different, better and special in all aspects of hydrangea production. We have state of the art growing and cooling facilities. Pair them with our ideal climate and you have perfect conditions to grow the highest quality dormant hydrangeas. Our quality product is built on a solid foundation; a strong root system that nurtures the heavy blooms in a finished OR temporary pot size. As a brand new exhibitor at MANTS, we're excited to showcase all that our products can bring to your business. One Floral Dormant Hydrangeas: worth the cardio workout to booth #2007, Hall J!
715The OAN (www.oan.org) produces the Nursery Guide, www.NurseryGuide.com and Farwest Show (www.FarwestShow.com) the biggest show in the West, in Portland, Ore. to make it easy for buyers to find quality Oregon nurseries and plants. More than 60 Oregon growers exhibit at MANTS; more than 400 exhibitors at the Farwest Show; and more than 5,000 plant varieties are listed in the OAN Nursery Guide and on www.NurseryGuide.com. Easy access. Value. And a natural environment conducive to growing plants for most of the U.S. and Canada. As a trade association, we represent conifer growers, shade and flowering tree growers, deciduous and evergreen shrub growers, and growers specializing in Christmas trees and holiday greens, liners, fruit and nut trees, blueberries, natives, perennials, root stock and bare root. Stop by Booth 715 to pick up your FREE copy of the 2017 OAN Nursery Guide.
749Wholesale container nursery specializing in cold hardy, zone 5 or less plants. We offer a large selection of conifers, deciduous evergreen, shrubs and shrub roses, and shade & ornamental trees.
445Crafters of Organic Potting Soils and Soil Amendments, Organic Mechanic Soil Co. is based in Chester County, PA. Our Earth-friendly, Peat-free, Organic soil blends are bought by Independent Garden Centers, Nurseries, Landscapers, Public Gardens, and Municipalities. Stop by to check out all of our products! OMRI LISTED products available. See you at Booth 445!!!
1600, 1602, 1701As a leading manufacturer and installer of portable garden center structures, OutFront Portable Solutions’ products and services are used across North America by over 1000 garden centers ranging from National Grocery Chains, Department Stores, Do It Yourself (DIY), Mass Merchants and many local, regional and national Independent retailers. Our products and services include merchandising display products and carts, portable fencing, cart corrals and shade structures. With over 15 years experience helping clients achieve their goals, OutFront Portable Solutions have acquired a sound and proven knowledge base of what works and the expertise to help make it happen. OutFront Portable Solutions is a full service provider. We design, manufacture, install and maintain garden center structures, fixtures and display systems. OutFront provides everything required for successful in the garden center business, everything except for the live goods.
342, 344, 346Overdevest Nurseries is a wholesale only grower offering premium quality, market ready plants to garden centers and distributors in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. We are a Gold Key grower for Proven Winners®, and we offer Forever and Ever® Hydrangeas, Raymond Evison® Clematis, First® Editions, the Endless Summer® collection, David Austin Roses®, and the exciting, new BrazelBerries™. Footprints™ is our eco friendly, sustainable line. We also offer a unique marketing partnership opportunity through our co-branded product line, Garden Splendor®. To learn more about Footprints™, visit Footprintsplants.com; for Garden Splendor®, see Gardensplendor.com.
750Pacific Nursery is a wholesale grower of container ornamental nursery stock specializing in Japanese maples, and shade/flowering trees.
2753, 2755Pacific Plug and Liner is a young plant perennial and speciality liner grower with greenhouses in coastal California. Our location offers some of the best year-round growing locations in the country-high light, coastal sunshine and moderate temperatures assure our liners are loaded with energy. We have added a complete 128-cell size offering to our 162 and 72-cell expanded perennial programs. Speciality programs; Helleborus, Grasses, Cordyline are part of our large availability of much desired products. And you can find all them with our new 70-week Liner-ability, live on our website:www.ppandl.net
2742, 2744
2212Family owned and operated since 1968. Specializing in field grown Boxwoods and Upright Hollies.
667Rosebushes 250 plus varieties (including Clean'n'Easy and Knockout collections), clematis, perennials, small fruits, flowering shrubs, lilacs, onion sets and seed potatoes. Available bare root and potted. 55 years of providing quality products!
2547, 2549, 2551Panacea Products is a 50 year old manufacturer of decorative and functional metal and wire hanging baskets, plant supports, promotional planters and containers. With company owned factories in the U.S., China and Mexico, Panacea is well positioned to provide small, medium and large growers and garden centers with a broad assortment of unique items at any target price point. Our sophisticated logistics systems serve major U.S. retail accounts and allow reliable on-time delivery. Come visit our booth and see the many fashionable and specialty items specifically designed for high volume growers and garden centers.
2002Parker Davis makes our patented line of nursery marker stakes. The wire stakes come in 5 lengths with corrugated plastic cards available in a variety of sizes and colors. Great for growers as row and job markers, as well as for signage in retail nurseries.
2794, 2796
1329, 1331
2238, 2240, 2242PAVE TECH offers the highest quality tools and accessories to the hardscape industry. PAVE EDGE paver edging, PROBST tools & equipment, SandLOCK & PolyLOCK joint sands, Adhesives, Diamond products and Training & Education.
2970, 2972
1605, 1607Manufacturer of premium hardscape and outdoor living products, including interlocking pavers, segmental retaining walls, permeable pavers, fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.
2680Peace Tree Farm is a wholesale greenhouse focusing on USDA Certified Organic Herbs & Vegetables, heirloom begonias, succulents, and our line of fun, funky, functional plants called Garden Geek Plants, which are perfect for container plantings and gardens that want to make a statement. We grow a number of starter plants for other wholesale growers, retail-growers, farms, and CSAs. Peace Tree plants can be found at destination garden centers throughout the east coast, at gardens and events created by designer landscapers, and at the country's best gardens.
2519, 2521Pender Nursery is a wholesale container nursery in Wake Co., NC. We pride ourselves on the diversity of plant material we grow, including perennials, groundcovers, shrubs, trees, vines and ornamental grasses. Pender Nursery was the first licensed grower of Encore Azalea on the east coast and is proud to be a partner in the Southern Living Plant Collection. We supply landscapers and garden centers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.
47Creators of distinctive garden pots cast from estate originals, Pennoyer Newman offers over 350 planter styles -- all lightweight and weather resistant -- all cast by hand using marble, rock & resin. Made in the USA. Custom sizes also available upon request.
2109, 2111
539, 541, 543, 545Our customers have told us they want the highest quality plant material at a good price value. Customers want a high level of customer service and support. They want plant material delivered when they need it...not when a grower wants to deliver it. Lastly and most importantly, our customers want a grower who they can rely on as a business partner to help them grow their business. The Perennial Farm is recognized as the "Price Value Leader". Large grower specializing in Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, Hardy Ferns, Deer-Leerious Plants - "Plants Deer Don't Like To Eat", Treadwell Perennials, Perennial Farm Premium, HGTV Essential Perennials, Mr. Big Stuff Landscape Plants, Groundcovers, Flowering Shrubs & Vines, Edible Berries, Knockout, Drift & Carpet Roses, Tropical Plants, Succulents, Pansies, Cabbage & Kale
661Performance Outdoor Products supplies replacement parts to the Tree Servic e ,Golf Course, Lawn Maint. and Landscape Company. Engines, air filiters, oil filters,blades, 2-cycle oil, trimmer line, tires , Saw Chain, Climbing rope, Cut-Off Saw accessories and more , Full line catalog available
354Permaloc is the world's leading manufacturer of aluminum landscape edging and restraint systems.
327World's largest grower of White Pines and Norways, with over 30 years in the business.

Contact us for your Evergreen needs.

New - Now selling Hemlocks!

NEW - Now selling tips for roping!
558, 560
212, 214
220Grower of native plants from seed for wetland mitigation, wetland creation, and reforestation. We supply native liners from local seed sources for growers. Supplier of coir logs and erosion control products.
1909, 1911
2677, 2679We are producers of perennial liners and bare root material. All of our perennials are grown in Massachusetts and shipped throughout North America.
2255Pioneer Pole Buildings is the premier builder of post-frame buildings for residential, commercial, agricultural and equine use in PA, MD, NJ, DE, VA, WV, and NY. Long-lasting Frontier Steel roofing and siding panels on visually-pleasing constructions are yours at an affordable price. Call for your free quote! Ask about financing options, too!
2155PRINT, ONLINE, MOBILE APP, 1-800-4-PLANTS Call-In-Database & More... Plant Locator Keeps Your Name & Products in Front of Buyers Every Day & Every Way!
373, 375
33, 36Plant Development Services Inc., the horticultural innovator that introduced Encore® Azalea, the Southern Living® Plant Collection, and now the Sunset Western Garden Collection in 2012, continues to shape the way high impact, relevant plants reach consumers. Plant Development Services specializes in plants that provide recognizable, marketable improvements – delivered to the market through its comprehensive grower networks. For more information, please visit www.plantdevelopment.com
1510, 1512
2148, 2150Plantaflor USA, Inc. is the largest grower and distributor of Tillandsia's. What makes us unique is the wide selection of plants we carry. Our Tillandsia department consists of over 200 varieties, which include hybrids and rare species. We offer high quality plants, low cost shipping and the most competitive pricing around. We invite you to visit our booth and see our product for yourself. Please visit our website, www.plantaflor.com or call Rick @ (805) 886-4156. We look forward to meeting you at the show!
758With over 350,000 plant listings from thousands of nurseries nationwide, PlantANT is the largest wholesale plant and nursery directory in the world. Access current availabilities, plant pictures, wholesale pricing and more. Save time by using our powerful filters to narrow your results by container size, specs etc. Search nationwide or narrow your search by State or Zip Code if you only want to find local nurseries. PlantANT's RFQ (Request For Quote) feature lets you enter a plant list and have nurseries bid on the plants, which usually means better prices for you. PlantANT is 100% Free for industry professionals to use via your computer or smartphone app (Apple & Android).
924Wholesale grower and distributer of top quality ornamentals, conifers, trees and topiaries. We offer a large assortment of b&b and container grown plants for both the retailer and the re-wholesaler. With frequent full and partial shipments to the east coast and upper midwest we can deliver all your plant needs throughout your selling year.  
446, 448We are a wholesale nursery specializing in annuals, ferns, hosta, daylilies, flowering perennials, vines, ornamental grasses and groundcovers. We have been supplying the landscape and retail trade for 35 years. We offer on-time delivery via Fed Ex or our own trucks. We provide several easy ways to order including a weekly availability emailed to you, on line availability access, fax and phone. Sign up for our weekly availability and we will also send weekly specials via Twitter and Facebook. You can check out our plants and growing facility on UTube. Excellent customer service, quality plant material and reasonable pricing make Plantworks a top notch supplier for your landscape or retail needs.
2539, 2541Pleasant Run Nursery is a wholesale nursery started in 1998, with a mission to provide new and garden-worthy plants to the discerning gardening world. We grow high quality, cutting-edge woody ornamentals and perennials, with an emphasis on special plants to solve specific site problems, such as deer, moist, dry and shade conditions.
2570, 2572Pleasant View Gardens is one of New England’s largest wholesale greenhouse businesses. For more than three decades we have been committed to growing and selling plant material of the highest quality. Our Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® brands are recognized nationwide as the very best, most unique and highest performing plants in the marketplace today. Our motto ‘WE LINE UP™’ is exemplified in everything we do from product to operations to customer relations. Our commitment is to line up our company goals and objectives with your mission. And our motto, , We Line Up™, is exemplified by the wide range of liner solutions we offer to fit your every need. This means that we don’t just stop at supplying the highest quality liner for our grower customers. We go the extra mile, designing our liner programs to match grower’s operations, schedules, and budgets. Stop by our booth # 2570-2572 and find out how we can provide the perfect match between Our Liners and Your Containers.
559Grower of grafted ornamentals available in liners, containers, and B&B. Top-Quality selection of maples, spruce, hinokis, pines, cedars and more. Ideal for nurseries, garden centers, and landscaping. Offering a great program of 3 and 6 gallon maples and conifers for nursery liners or finished retail products. Family-owned, detail-oriented production operation.
2213, 2215Poly-Tex, Inc. offers a full line of high tunnels, commercial and retail greenhouses, hobby greenhouses, display benching, shade systems, and accessories to fit your every need! Choose from a variety of structures and accessories to fit your space and your budget. We also offer the patented Poly-Vent® ventilation system and other ventilation, mechanical and shade systems to suit your needs. In addition, our full line of plant display systems can maximize your retail selling space.
2003Family owned and opperated tree farm located in central eastern PA.In business for over 22 years. We specialize in full Douglas Fir Trees and quality handmade wreaths. We are known for great quality, freshness and service. New customer discounts.
2836, 2838, 2937, 2939We sell Asian Ceramic Pottery and Stone Basalt through our pallet programs.
2878, 2880, 2882, 2979, 2981, 2983The Pottery Patch is a wholesale supplier of fine pottery, fountains, décor and more. We love working with garden centers, nurseries, landscapers, and other specialized retail locations. Our pieces are always selected with you in mind, and many are exclusive to The Pottery Patch. Our unique product mix comes from Mexico, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Italy. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our product and outstanding customer service. For more information please stop by our booth or visit our website www.thepotterypatch.com
3109Power Planter is a family owned business specializing in earth augers. Power Planter augers are built for the casual home gardener, professional landscaper, or nursery. All Power Planters are 100% Made in the USA, and offer a 100% guarantee on materials and workmanship.
1411, 1413PTH is a leading manufacturer of Peat Moss, Soilless Mixes and Bio- additives supporting both professional growers and the consumer market.
2225, 2227, 2229Since 1999, Pride has offered the best products in the container gardening market. Our innovative designs, combined with our patented AquaSav™ coco liners, make us a leader in the industry. Whether you are a commercial grower or a neighborhood garden center, we have the right products for your customers. We continue to make a large commitment to product development to offer you the widest choices in the container market in the most contemporary styles. We have the ability to offer custom product, securing for you an exceptional position in the marketplace.
1215, 1217, 1219, 1221, 1223, 1225At Prides Corner Farms, YOU are our focus. To do this Prides Corner offers a collection of high value, differentiated plant varieties and brands, customized marketing advice, enthusiastic customer service and delivery options to match any situation. Whether you need shrubs, trees, perennials, large and small fruits, heirloom veggies, roses, grasses, kitchen-ready herbs, groundcovers or innovative ways to sell them, Prides has the product and solution for you. Together, our partnership will allow you to compete successfully in today’s marketplace and amaze your customers, making you a rock star in their eyes. Stop and see how Prides will soon become your preferred plant supplier.
2344PRO Landscape is the best-selling landscape design software for today’s landscape professional. Designers easily see the benefits of integrating PRO Landscape into their design process to increase sales and improve both design quality and overall customer satisfaction. PRO Landscape will help you quickly create stunning visual designs for your customers, accurate site plans for your crews, and professional proposals that effectively communicate every aspect of the proposed project. PRO Landscape contains all the elements a designer needs including photorealistic imaging, night and holiday lighting, CAD, estimating and 3D in one easy-to-learn and easy-to-use program. Over the last 19 years, PRO Landscape has helped tens of thousands of landscape designers, landscape contractors, and garden centers sell a higher percentage of jobs and dramatically increase profits.
605Manufacturer of the LAWN BAGG... A contractor grade, reuseable, free-standing container for the collection and transportation of bulky landscape materials. Made of heavy guage woven polypropylene, the LAWN BAGG is puncture resistent and will not tear or shred like tarps. It comes in six different sizes ranging from 1 to 27 Cu Ft, so no job is too big or too small. It is light-weight and comes with handles for easy maneuverability. When not in use, just fold it up and put it on a shelf or behind the seat of your truck; it doesn’t consume a lot of space. The LAWN BAGG is better than all the conventional tools on the market today; it is easy to use, cuts the time of any job in half and is good for the environment. It is "Simply the best way to recycle all your landscape wastes".
1030Manufacturer of productivity-enhancing skid steer attachments like the ProLineGRABBER, ProLineSHOVEL, ProLinePotForks, and ProLineSwingin'GRABBER that are cost-effective even in the short term!
2252, 2254We are all about creative innovation with disciplined processes, and we show this in everything we do—from the ways we propagate to how we load the trucks; from the way we treat our customers to the plant programs that we create. We believe in strong relationships with our clients and business partners —relationships that breed new ideas through honest communication, open minds, and a true enjoyment of people. Our clients are way more than a commodity to us; they’re our collaborators, our teachers, our students, and our friends. We’re committed to their success, so we’re always exploring new ways to work together better. Our high-quality product is always innovative, creative, and colorful. We love color, and we love creating new planter styles that are such an easy choice for the end customer that they fly off the shelves. We look forward to seeing you this year at MANTS!
2149, 2151Quality Greenhouses & Perennial Farm is a wholesale grower located in South Central Pennsylvania. Our company focus is providing independent garden centers and nurseries with a "quality grown" product selection that includes new and unique varieties. We grow Bedding & Specialty Annuals, Herbs, Mums, Pansies, Ornamental Cabbage & Kale, Proven Winners®, Tropicals, Vegetable plants; Perennials-- Ornamental Grasses, Hardy Ferns, Jeepers Creepers™ Groundcovers, Flowering Shrubs, Vines, Knock Out Roses®, and Small Fruit plants. We deliver throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our goal is to provide these products with a level of service that exceeds industry standards. After 30 years we are still energized to seek out the best new plants to help set you apart from the competition. "Quality Grown" is more than just a line on our tag. We make every effort to put it into our plants and service for you and your customers.
1504, 1506Stone, pebbles and specialty sands for decorative landscaping, building, erosion control and garden uses. Less breakage because HardScapes comes in 4.5 mil bags. 90+ Plants across the Country.
351Fertil manufactures 'Fertilpot'; biodegradable, plantable containers composed primarily of spruce fibers. No glues, binders or synthetic additives. Fertilpot is OMRI listed and USDA biopreffered. Slug Gone wool pellets: Slug and snail barrier, weed barrier, moisture mulch, thermal barrier.
358, 360R & H Nursery is a family owned grower of quality ornamental landscape plants. Founded in 1991 by Pat and Laura Holt, we offer from #1 containers to large boxed material and small B&B to 50' specimen plants. We can handle small orders for stocking garden centers to multiple truck loads for large re-wholesalers.
2214Growers of top quality Shade and Ornamental trees since 1995.
2873, 2875Since 1982 we have represented some of the best growers from some of the best growing areas in the country. Our customer base is from the eastern tip of Long Island to south-central PA and incorporates all of NJ as well as the greater metro areas of NY and Philadelphia. We offer the following plant types, many in a wide range of sizes: CONIFERS -- standard, dwarf & specialty cultivars; EVERGREENS -- broadleafs & conifers; GRASSES; GROUND COVERS; NATIVE PLANTS; PERENNIALS; SHRUBS -- flowering & evergreen; TREES -- shade, flowering & evergreen. Many of these plants are available both B&B and in containers. We can only be successful by providing you with quality plants that allows your business to grow and be profitable. That is our ultimate mission and responsibility!
236, 238
362, 364, 366Raemelton Farm is a progressive wholesale grower of landscape ready 2’’-4’’ B&B shade, flowering, and evergreen trees and large shrubs for the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern landscape industry. The farm’s diverse product line features the very first USDA Certified Organic b&b landscape trees in the country! As well as hardy plants of multi-season appeal, fruit trees, hard to find unusual plants, and cultivars with increased pest and disease resistance.
2952Rapid Garden POS, an NCR Elite Partner, has everything you need to run your landscape or garden center point-of-sale, including cash drawers, barcode scanners, terminals and receipt printers. For more than a decade, we’ve been nurturing and growing our specially built garden center retail solution—creating tools that go above and beyond a standard off-the-shelf POS system. If you want to better control your inventory, streamline your processes, and improve your customer reach, stop by booth 2952 for a demo of the best POS for garden centers! #rapid2grow
1000, 1101Growers of many rare and unique varieties of Japanese maples and dwarf conifers. We have hundreds of varieties of Japanese maples and dwarf conifers available for immediate shipment. Stock your garden center with our unique plant material or utilize specimens in high-end landscapes. Container sizes from liners through 200 gallons. New garden center plant labels and collection for 2013. View a virtual tour of our nursery at: www.RareTreeNursery.com Silverton, Oregon
547, 549Ray Bracken Nursery is a 3rd generation wholesale grower of shade and ornamental B&B trees. Our focus is on growing quality landscape plants, as well as providing exceptional customer service. Our inventory includes a large variety of Magnolias, Oaks, Maples, Cedars, Crapemyrtles, Hollies, Flowering & Ornamental, and various other Evergreens and deciduous trees. We also have a number of B&B shrubs such as: Viburnum, Ligustrum, Waxmyrtle, Tea Olive, Chastetree and Cherry Laurel. With over 700 acres of assorted trees and shrubs, you are sure to find plants to suit your needs. We’re continuously providing: “Quality Plants for Today’s Environment!”
152, 253We are a wholesale nursery container grower of woody ornamental plants.
"Service is our most important product".
302Reimer’s Nurseries Ltd. was started by Nickolai Reimer in 1937 by growing a few fruit trees. Now, four generations later, Reimer’s Nurseries is a wholesale field and container grower of beech, deciduous magnolias, Japanese maples, dogwoods and other outstanding woody ornamentals. Our customers include rewholesalers, landscapers, garden centers, and growers. Located strategically in Chilliwack, BC for both Canadian and U.S. sales. Great quality, reasonably priced because plants grow better on the “Wet” Coast! Proud user of Rootmaker® pots.
2550Rennerwood is a grower of Woody Ornamental seedlings or liners. We grow exclusively in Rootmaker air root pruning containers. Seedlings/Liners are grown on speculation and may be ordered from open stock inventory. Larger liners in 1, 3, 5, 7 gallon containers may be contract grown.
2593, 2595Rhode Island Nurseries is a fourth generation, family owned and operated, woody ornamental wholesale grower. RI Nurseries is best known for the introduction of Taxus x media ‘Densiformis’ in 1940 and specializing in other Taxus species, as well as Boxwoods. There is a long tradition of providing a wide variety of quality plant material and RI Nurseries is proud of that heritage. Located in Middletown RI, the Nursery sits on 500 scenic acres, some with beautiful ocean views. 2015 brought a new milestone for RI Nurseries….120 years of producing top quality plant material. We look forward to serving new and old customers alike for the next 100 years.
2406Riceland offers PBH a sustainable amendment and a superior replacement for perlite in annual bedding plants, perennials, tropicals, and woody ornamentals. PBH is also a top dress for perennial crops to control weeds and liver wort.
832We are growers of B&B grafted nursery stock, specializing in spruce, pines and lace leaf maples. We grow large transplanted 10' to 20' grafted spruce. These include Weeping Norway, Bachiri, Hoopsii, Baby Blue Eyes, Fat Albert, Blue Select, Fastigiata and Omorika. In addition, we have transplanted Globosa spruce with 48" to 72" heads. We also have specimen Poodle Red Pine, Poodle Scotch Pine, Poodle Shore Pine, Poodle Hoopsii, Poodle Moerheimi and Poodle Koster. We have specimen Poodle Crimson Queen lace leaf maples, Poodle Viridis lace leaf maples with 4" to 8" caliber.
148We are a family owned and operated grower of container and field stock. We grow the old standard plants as well as the newest varieties, including Proven Winners, First Editions and Ball Ornamentals. Visit our website at www.RigginsNursery.com.
2101Stop by Rijnbeek and Son Perennials in booth 2101A to learn about our expansive selection of over 2,500 varieties of bare root perennials including huge 6/8 eye peonies, 400 clematis cultivars and many new introductions from breeders around the world. TC and plug perennials are also available through our supplier and grower partners. Our U.S. based sales reps are ready to help you with your order. Visit our booth to experience the outstanding quality of our perennials and learn why you’ll never have to worry again about true to name perennials. U.S. Sales Representation: Nationwide: Nico Rijnbeek nico@rijnbeek.com Western US: Lou Vergeer lou@rijnbeek.com or (805) 765-0830 Eastern US: Joel Gaydos and Christine Matiash of Clement Horticulture joel@rijnbeek.com or (443) 326-8779 Southern and Southeastern US: David Johnson david@rijnbeek.com or (843) 224-0861 or Mary Johnson (843) 224-0860 Canada: Arnold Wouda, arnold@rijnbeek.com, 519-774-0849
1507Rivendell Nursery, founded in 1988, is a family owned B&B wholesale nursery specializing in deciduous trees, evergreen trees, and shrubs. Rivendell Nursery is located on 500 acres in historic Greenwich, New Jersey, along the banks of the Cohansey River and Delaware Bay.

Our goal is to produce the finest quality plant material and to provide our customers with honest, and knowledgeable service. Our full line of high-quality plant material represents the best in the industry. We propagate over 60% of our stock in-house. We work hard at being above the curve, providing new and up to date plants, as well as, the time tested classics we continue to love.

We aspire to have a close relationship with our customers; focusing on personal contact and satisfying our customers. We welcome feedback as a way to respond to our customers' changing needs. As we continue to grow we never want to forget that personal contact and satisfied customers is what makes our nursery a success.

1220We are a wholesale grower located in the heart of the Nursery Capital of the World providing quality grown B&B Ornamental Shrubs, Shade & Ornamental Trees, and a variety of Evergreens.
602Since the 1987 River Valley Nursery has been focused on growing top quality dwarf and unusual conifers, shrubs, specialty deciduous in landscape sizes. Specializing on the needs of the high end residential landscapers. We have everything from a #5 gallon container grown specialty conifer up to 25’+ rare specimen. Family owned operated and run on 75 acres in northwestern New Jersey. We strive to provide our customers with honest and knowledgeable service everyday.
933, 935
1007Wholesale growers of shade and ornamental trees. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality plants with exceptional service.
741, 743Wholesale bareroot and container nursery. Producing a wide selection of shade and flowering trees and shrubs. Our diverse product line provides plants that are in high demand. We are commited to providing quality nursery stock at a good value. We are large enough to provide a complete product line while maintaining excellent service to our customers.
2328, 2330, CSL-4001
1509Root Pouch is a family run business that turns discarded plastic bottles into a versatile, geotextitle material. The Root Pouch fabric planting container keeps plants healthy by letting excess water drain and allowing roots to breathe and grow. NO MORE circling roots.
2555, 2557The Original Root-Pruning Container System. RootMaker, RootBuilder, RootTrapper containers. Propagation to 500 gallon. RootTrapper root barrier. RootCaps for weeds. The fibrous root production tool used by professional nurseries to provide their customers with plants that will thrive. Unique, patented containers built on continuous root pruning research since 1968.
154, 255
2542Round Grove manufactures fireplaces, brick ovens, grill islands, and fire rings that are full-size, delivered completely assembled, and ready-to-finish. Any size your customer has in mind--we can build it in our workshop and deliver to your site in 2-3 weeks. Reduce labor. No waiting on subs. Let us do the dirty work, so you can do the beauty work! If you have questions or feedback, please contact Scott Widmer directly at scott.roundgrove@gmail.com or (330) 621-3657.
2580Royal Sod Farms is located in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of MD. We use 100% MD certified seed which is a 90/10 fescue-bluegrass blend. Our sod is always irrigated, well maintained and never netted, and always guarenteed fesh cut. Our sod is sold retail and wholesale. It can be picked up at the field or we can provide delivery and forklift unloading throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Royal Sod Farms LLC offers competitive pricing and superior value!
2515Rubley's Nursery is a family owned wholesale nursery located in McMinnville, Tennessee. We offer a large selection of shade and ornamental trees. We also offer a good variety of evergreens and shrubs. We have been serving the landscape industry for over 40 years and hope we can help you in the future.
846, 848We are a wholesale nursery located in northern Montgomery County, MD. Our farm is dedicated to producing plant material of the highest quality. Currently we offer 180 plus varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees. With an inventory of more than 100,000 trees, we are able to fill a growing number of orders at a significant value for quality. Our trees are both high-quality and well structured, and grace many Washington DC government properties, college campuses, office parks and many residential areas.
673We are a small,locally owned wholesale nursery in mcminnville,tn.We specialize in bareroot fruit trees.Apple,Pears,Peaches,Plums,& apricots.We also grow a limited amount of shade & ornamental bareroot plants.Quality plants and customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority.
1200, 1301
2689, 2691We are a wholesale supplier of PA natural building stone. Owner Stacey McClain is a third generation stone supplier. He has followed his father's and grandfather's footsteps quarrying PA Bluestone. Since the 1960's the McClain family has produced natural, quality stone. Here at S. McClain Stone Co. we understand that our customers want the best. We personally select and carry only the finest rocks available on the market today in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
2350, 2352Specializing in container grown nursery stock including: Azaleas, Camellias, Hollies, Junipers, and native ornamental shrubs
915, 917Sandy’s Plants, Inc. is a family owned, perennial wholesale and retail nursery that has been in operation since 1979 in Mechanicsville, Virginia. The nursery grows nearly 2000 varieties of perennials in containers outdoors so they are hardened off and ready for immediate planting. It also produces STEPABLESTM, the little purple pots of groundcover plants that you can walk on. Sandy’s Plants provide perennials to garden centers, landscape designers, and contracting firms throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Many of the perennials, herbs, vines, grasses, and groundcovers offered are uncommon and/or unusual. The nursery has six propagation greenhouses and encompasses over 30 acres. Golf carts are provided to help wholesale and retail customers with their shopping experience.
424, 426, 525, 527Nestled in the foothills on the 'Sunrise Side' of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Saunders Brothers began as a partnership between five brothers in 1915. Today, third generation brothers, Tom, Bennett, Jim and Robert, with their dad, Paul, operate the wholesale nursery, orchard, and farm market. The wholesale nursery operation now consists of approximately 75 acres of container production and 75 acres of field production. We ship over 1,000 products (annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and boxwood) to garden centers, landscapers, and re-wholesalers throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
14We know your problems are unique. We also know that we can solve them for you. SBI Software understand the challenges you face at every stage of the process, because process is what we do—and we do it well. SBI is the only software package that is fully integrated—start to finish—and customizable at any step to suit your business. We built our software from the ground up for growers. We get it. We do it. We don’t care what software you’re currently running, we know we’re better. We know you’ll see significant efficiency gains because our customers have told us, again and again, how running SBI has increased their profits. Come see us at Booth #14, we’ll show you.
651, 653Scenic Hills Nursery is a wholesale grower specializing in ornamental and shade trees. We are located in McMinnville, TN - The Nursery Capital of the World. Scenic Hills is a family owned business that was founded in 1982 but comes from five generations of nurserymen, beginning with Cleveland Cantrell. Starting with only a few acres Scenic Hills Nursery now operates over 700 acres, growing 250 varieties of Shade, Ornamental & Evergreen trees. We also own our own trucking company which provides shipping for our farms and other nurseries in the area.

Scenic Hills Nursery is owned and operated by Garry Adcock and his son Tracy.
2955We are propagators of woody ornamental liners. Our plants are rooted under mist in soil and grown outside, where they naturally build up food reserves and acclimate themselves slowly to our severe winters. Consequently, we produce a naturally hardier, healthier plant, ready to grow off more quickly. They are undisturbed in our outdoor beds until we harvest them and ship them bare root.
2321Schichtel's is a wholesale grower of deciduous shade and ornamental trees and evergreens. We have 1,300 acres in production. We offer 1.5" to 7" BB trees and 1.5" to 2" bareroot trees.
1308, 1310
7/12/10 - dropeed one booth - # 2681

Schiedel Nursery is a wholesale, family owned
nursery specializing in B&B ornamental trees &
shrubs. Our customers include independent garden centers, landscapers and rewholesalers across the country. We have about 200 acres with over 150 varieties to choose from and have been in business since 1976.
264We celebrated 80 years in business in 2017. As a wholesale grower of quality annuals in NW Ohio, we specialize in bedding plants, potted plants, hanging baskets and patio containers. We introduced our own line of herbs and vegetables over 10 years ago under the Homegrown Gourmet brand name. Currently there are over 125 varieties available, including several heirlooms and All-America Selections winners. The vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, cucumbers, cole crops, squash and so much more! Our custom plant tags make an impressive display and provide tons of information for the gardener. We also have our own brand of premium annuals called Homegrown Gardener, a true "best seller" list of plants. The graphic pots and custom tags make an impressive display. Plan to stop at our booth so we can talk about how our quality plants and outstanding customer service can work for you.
950Welcome to MANTS. Come visit us at Booth 950. We are wholesale growers of Natives, Landscape Evergreens, Trees and Shrubs. Our central Maryland location is convenient for delivery and pickup within the Mid-Atlantic region.
1322Scott Aerator is a manufacturer of top quality, American made pond fountains and water aerators. All of our units are manufactured with oil-free motors, making them the most environmentally friendly products of this kind on the market. Also, our units carry a full five year motor warranty. Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receipt, and we will gladly ship to your location or directly to your customer.
1726, 1827Grower of Quality container grown Perennials, Ornamental Grass, Flowering shrubs, Hydrangea, and Conifers.
1802Through its recent Canadian acquisitions, Scotts now reaffirms its leadership and dedication to professional growers. Adding to its own experience, Scotts is leveraging over 100 years of combined expertise in professional growing media with Heveco, Fafard et Frères and Acadian Peat Moss. Ingredients such as innovation, exceptional peat quality, improved manufacturing process and controls along with technical services and expertise led to the development of a new way to grow: The Root Factory. The Root Factory professional growing media provide the perfect root paradise environment because we know that great roots lead to great plants.
1333, 1340, 1341, 1342Equipment Dealership serving the Landscape - Construction - Agriculture Industries

Sales, Parts, and Service on the industries' top brands. NEW HOLLAND, KUBOTA, MAHINDRA, TORO, STIHL, FINN, ALAMO, TORO DINGO, BANDIT Industries, WOODS, CAM Trailers, and many more.

Whether you are in need of specialty equipment or desire a custom build for your business. Our factory trained professionals are here to suit your every need.

Are you tired of dealing with the other guys'? Call on Security Equipment Company's Sales Team. We hang our hat on top quality service in today's demanding industries.
900Celebrating 50 years - Manufacturers of reliable sprinklers, spray nozzles and pressure regulators. Products backed by 2-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance.
2869, 2871
1031, 1033See the difference in our quality grown root pruned conifers, ornamental and deciduous trees and shrubs. Our nursery is located in the Northern Willamette Valley, an area where fertile soils and moderate rainfall combine to create an excellent growing environment. Take advantage of our new container volume pricing structure to put increased sales margins back in your wallet. Now available in quantity price breaks of 5-49 and 50+, our plants are priced right for growers and garden centers. Whether your business is large or small, it matters to Sester Farms. We want to hear from you. See the difference Sester Farms can make. Please visit our website: www.sesterfarms.com. And follow us on Facebook & Twitter.
2980, 2982, 2984, 2986For over 60 years Sheerlund Products has served the Lawn & Garden Industry with products for all seasons. We're known for our Stand Strait® Christmas Tree Drilling system with residential stands, retail displays and equipment. We offer a complete line of products for Christmas (stands, balers, netting, tree tags, tree bags, preservatives, as well as, lot and wreath supplies). Other brands include: USA Country-Made Bows® & Pumpkin Magic®. Our Spring & Fall lines include a large selection of decorations, accessories, hardware, and hand tools.
2790, 2792
308We specialize in Field Grown B&B Trees. We have 350 acres of 400 varieties. We also now have Large Specimen Trees and dig 54" 3000 pd Root balls with 60-90" on Request.
1514, 1516
2642ShowEase Inc is known for selling agricultural products. However, we sell mats that are an excellent asset to the Nursery trade. http://showeaseinc.com/mats/for-turf-protection Similarly, we are able to offer some mulching equipment.
526, 627
433, 435
2122, 2124Established grower supplying Re-wholesalers, Retailers and Landscape suppliers with quality broadleaf evergreens. We grow over 175 varieties of Rhododendrons and Pieris in some unusual varieties in sizes from #1 containers up to specimen sized plants. Our specialty is Daphne in both in container and Field.
1315, 1317
2258Sislers Stone has supplied the Northern Virginia-D.C. area with stone and masonry materials for over 75 years.

We also offer bulk bags and sealer products to nurseries and other vendors.
2323, 2325, 2327, 2329SiteOne Landscape Supply is the nation’s leading supplier of wholesale irrigation, landscape lighting, nursery and landscape supplies. We’re dedicated to becoming the distributor of choice for landscape and irrigation professionals. We offer a full line of irrigation supplies, landscape lighting, pavers, tools, landscape materials, seed, sod, fertilizers, soil amendments, nursery stock, and much more. Through a nationwide network of wholesale nursery centers and a staff of buyers, our Direct Sales team can find the exact plants you are looking for. SiteOne Landscape Supplys’ industry-leading Partners Program allows contractors to earn points and take advantage of several Business Solutions, which are aimed toward giving you the help you need to run your business. We’re more than just a supplier. Through SiteOne Landscape Supply and the rest of the Ag & Turf Division, SiteOne offers everything you need to operate your landscape business professionally and profitably.
2562, 2663National Leading supplier of Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, Virus-free Hostas, Roses and Ground Covers plugs in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Also featuring Etera® Sedum Tiles® for green roof and on grade creative uses.
2971Sleepy Hollow Nursery has been a wholesale grower of nursery stock since 1976—growing ornamental and shade trees, evergreens, and natives, but specializing in upright Hollies! Also, we are the originators of Sweet Thing Magnolia, a new, dwarf, evergreen, Sweetbay Magnolia that has fragrant flowers, and never requires pruning.
2784, 2786SLICE Technologies is the industry leader in providing business management solutions to garden centers, landscape, wholesale nurseries and maintenance operations. SLICEplus is our flexible, integrated Green Industry software that gives you the tools to manage all aspects or your business environment. SLICE Technologies has been involved in the Green Industry for over 30 years. We are committed to innovative product design and superior support services to meet the changing needs of our customers.
2590, 2592
1503Global Leader in Water-Soluble Polymers for Agriculture
1201, 1203, 1205
1207, 1209
49Southern States Cooperative has a long history as a dependable supplier providing superior products for over 90 years. Our distribution network currently serves over 1200 retail locations in 25 states. As one of the nation's largest farmer-owned cooperatives, we provide buying power to give our customers an extensive selection of products at competitive pricing. We offer a broad range of suppliers including many national brands. We are a solid distributor partner with a proven track record.
1035Specialty Tag & Label provides the horticultural industry with printers, tags, labels and signs designed to withstand even the harshest environments. For more information, call 800-475-2040.
1404Wholesale grower of quality bare root shade and flowering trees. Providing our customers with superior service, quality and prices since 1948.
1216, 1218Spring Hill Nursery is a field grown B&B nursery in central VA two hours south of DC. We are small enough to be hands on and big enough to meet your demands. Our job is to make you look good.
1038, 1040, 1042, 1044, 1145Created a new booth type for Spring Meadow Nursery - Pink Endcap Extended. Always charged them for one full pink endcap and 10% of a PEC because they took more space on the floor. Instead of having to remember to adjust their bill every year for invoicing, they should just be charged for their white booths along with a pink endcap extended which is just a pink endcap + 10% of the pink endcap cost. CB
1015, 1017SRW Products is a family-owned company that has been providing high quality hardscape products and accessories backed by exceptional customer support for over 30 years. 

We’re always innovating to ensure our products are the very best on the market. We offer a comprehensive line of hardscape accessories to give you the convenience of a one-stop shop.

Turn to SRW for the strongest adhesive, state-of-the-art cleaners and sealers, professional-grade accessories, worry-free polymeric sand and edging, top-performing diamond blades and reliable products to control erosion and sediment. Our geotextiles meet or exceed industry specs and come in the most convenient roll sizes available.
300Stadler Nurseries has been a growing family business since 1932. We serve the landscape contractor through our Native Plant division, our Direct Sales division and our Re-Wholesale division. Our Native Plant division grows a wide selection of native trees and shrubs in reforestation sizes at our Frederick location which are available for pick up or can be shipped to locations throughout the east coast. At our Re-Wholesale distribution centers located in Gaithersburg and Frederick, MD, and Manassas, VA, we sell a complete line of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. Stadler Direct is our newest division offering plant sourcing and direct shipping from the growers to you.
228, 230, 329, 331From the Peace rose to the revolutionary Knock Out® and Drift® roses, Star® Roses and Plants/ Conard-Pyle is a leading genetics company involved directly in breeding roses, perennials and woody plants.
1316We specialize in quality bare root liners for over 30 years. Including Taxus-Yew, Buxus-Boxwood, Thuja-Arborvitae, Juniperus-Juniper, Euonomus-Burning Bush, Ligustrum-Privet, Lindera Benzoin- Spice Bush.
551, 553
2401, 2403Stone Age Creations, a division of TDI Brands, is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of hand-carved, natural-stone products for the garden. Created by Mother Nature and crafted by artisans, these stones have endured outdoor environments for thousands of years and will continue to do so long after you purchase them. From birdbaths to benches, lanterns, fire pits, fountains, and animal collections, we take pride in offering unique, fine quality products that have character and are a good value. Check us out online (www.StoneAgeCreations.com) or give us a call at 419.929.2240.
2339Stone Farm creates products that are the heart of every outdoor living space. Whether enhancing an outdoor entertaining space, or creating from scratch, architects, homeowners and contractors start with Stone Farm. Our main products to anchor your outdoor living area are Stone Age masonry fireplace and fire pit kits, pizza ovens and modular kitchen cabinet systems. Our newest feature this year is a gas fire pit in a natural stone boulder. Visit us at www.stonefarmliving.com or call us (203) 270-2900
1102Manufacturer of tags, labels and thermal printing systems (including software) and POP products - we serve wholesale nursery and greenhouses as well as retail garden centers.
2415, 2417Structureworks Fabrication – Innovating the outdoor structure since 1990. Over 25 years ago we started with an idea that the way outdoor living spaces were created could be improved. With some insightful observation and creative innovation we built our business into the nationwide company it is today. Every pergola kit we make is fabricated using premium components and is hand-finished as part of our manufacturing process. Our commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship is reflected in every outdoor structure delivered. By controlling design and manufacturing we are able to ensure the quality of every product as a primary function of what we do. At our core we are makers and craftsmen. We offer the widest selection of pergola materials and shade structure options in the industry, giving us the ability to meet any budget or design aesthetic. We are the exclusive manufacturer of Trex Pergola and Brown Jordan Structures.
641Our greenhouses are designed and tested to give you the features you need. Many of our greenhouses have been designed based on customer feedback. We listen to our customers-what works and what does not work in actual field use-and we custom design our structures to offer you the best of everything. 

242, 244
2840, 2842
2445, 2447, 2449Superior Plastic Products: Superior blends ageless classic designs with modern, low-maintenance vinyl aluminum materials that include ARBORS, PARK BENCHES, PICNIC TABLES, PERGOLAS, PLANTERS, TRELLIS"S, RAISED BEDS, and HOT BEDS. Superior manufactures quality vinyl and aluminum products with unmatched service to our dedicated dealer and distribution network, resulting in one of the largest selections and superior values on the market today. Visit SuperiorPlasticProducts.com for more information.
443Surefoot - The most advanced paver edging on the market.

“CUT ON THE GO” – The ONLY edging you can cut while installing on the ground without lifting. Easy for curves or corners! Installation is quick and effortless – No need to measure and cut before installation anymore, just snip from above! Surefoot is the fastest install of any rigid/flexible system available. One piece does all - works for straight, curved applications or corners. No clips needed - comes with a sturdy built-in connection system
943, 945Sure-loc Edging Corporation offers a complete line of landscape edging and Wolverine Hand Tools. Our edging products sold nationwide include: aluminum, steel, paver brick edging, and poly edging. For products that stand the test of time and look great while doing it, use Sure-loc Edging and Wolverine Tools.
1324Surface Nursery is a wholesale grower of premium quality bare root shade and flowering deciduous trees and B&B Japanese maples. It has been our goal since 1925 to grow quality nursery stock and provide superior personalized service that customers can depend on. Our desirable bare root plants consistently prove to be of exceptional value and hardiness to our long standing customers.
359Organic and Organic based fertilizers, biostimulants, for growers, nursery, greenhouse, retail, turf care, golf & erosion control
200Bringing Plant Protection to Life; ......................................... Mainspring; Avid, Citation, Endeavor, and Flagship Insecticides Mural, Segovis, Medallion, Subdue, Heritage, Concert 2 and Palladium Fungicides Barricade, Tenacity and Pennant Herbicides
471T.O. Plastics was established in 1948 and has been a pioneer in plastics engineering and processing. Over the last 65 years, T.O. has become a market leader in plastic horticultural containers by working closely with customers and responding to their needs. The T.O. product line is continually evolving and expanding to bring new and innovative containers to the marketplace. If you have your own product concept, let T.O. Plastics help you realize the potential of your idea! Our talented sales and engineering staff have helped bring countless custom projects to life and are ready to help you "Get your ideas out of your head and into your greenhouse." You can always depend on T.O. Plastics for innovative products, great quality, top-notch customer service, and on-time deliveries.
222, 224, 226We are a wholesale nursery on Virginia's Eastern Shore and have been farming this land since 1785. In 1933 we went into the nursery business. Below are some of the plants that we grow. ARBORVITAE AZALEA BOXWOOD CRAPE MYRTLE GRASSES HOLLY HYDRANGEA MAGNOLIA PERENNIALS TAXUS TREES VIBURNUM
2103, 2105This diverse 80 acre container grower and 2000 acre field operation has been growing a wide range of trees/shrubs for the landscape trade since 1950
1008, 1010Quality Wholesale Growers of Unique Specimen Plant Material since 1965. Specializing in large specimen material, Japanese Maples and unusual evergreens.
2300, 2302TDI Brands is a national distributor of exclusive international brands for over 20 years. Our mission from day one still remains true today: to be your go-to supplier for innovative, distinctive, and timeless garden products. We offer a broad array of relevant products including high-quality garden tools, accents, accessories, kids tools, birding products, shopping carts and trunk liners. Our goal is to spread the joy of gardening across the entire nation while providing products of the highest quality, world-class service, and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of our environments. Visit our website (www.tdibrands.com) or call to order (800-992-1220).
2850, 2852, 2951, 2953
1809, 1811
1037Texpak is a leading supplier of identification and packaging products to the horticultural industry. These include tags, labels, slip-ons, pot stakes, software and thermal transfer printers. We also supply custom pre-printed labels and blank laser sheets and roll stock which give growers the option of printing their own color laser labels for outdoor display. We are the exclusive Northeast distributor for SATO servicing all of New England, New Jersey and eastern PA. In addition to the SATO products we have developed a unique line of items designed to increase the grower’s productivity. Among them is our Rack clip™ which is the most efficient and least expensive way of attaching signs to racks. We sell the products we have developed and patented nationally.
600, 701
631Leyland Cypress, Ilex Opaca, Nellie R. Stevens, Crape Myrtle
2948In-store and Online selling assistant for garden centers and nurseries. Help customers quickly navigate your plant offering or identify a pest/weed and the control products you recommend. The Perfect Plant is for your website and/or used as a kiosk in-store. It's the customizable "Ortho Book" for your garden center that customers love!
1919, 1921
2301, 2303We are a plant production company and our goal is to partner with the Independent Garden Center and provide them high quality plant material, backed up by great service at competitive pricing. We have multiple facilities on the Eastern Shore and Davidsonville, MD.
1407, 1409Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Tideland Gardens grows quality deciduous shade trees, flowering ornamentals, evergreen trees, as well as a full line of 3, 5, and 7 gallon shrubs and 1 gallon perennials and ornamental grasses.
1611, 1613, 1615
1415Newlyweds Pierce and Virginia Tidwell founded Tidwell Nurseries in 1948. In the early days the operation encompassed everything from rooting groundcover cuttings, field production, retailing, landscaping, and maintenance. As our nursery business has grown and evolved, the experience we gained through this diversity has served us well as it has given us a much better understanding of the needs and demands of our customers. Most of all, we have learned the importance of delivering what we promise and of never disappointing the customer on the other end of the transaction.
Through the years we have narrowed our focus to become a wholesale growing operation, specializing in Liriope, Ophiopogon, and many other Ornamental Grasses, Perennials and Vines. For many years, we at Tidwell Nurseries have been known throughout the industry as "The Liriope People."
2859, 2861
1122Topiary Creations specializes in the growing of Bougainvillea, Sun Parasol Mandevilla, Sun-Fire/Cajun Hibiscus, Tradewinds Hibiscus, and Eugenia Globulus Topiaries. Our goal is to provide quality plant material coupled with excellent service offered at competitive prices. We accomplish this by beginning with superior varieties using the highest grade soil mixes and fertilizers, and then shaping and pruning each plant by hand.
2326T & A offers industry leading solutions for Wholesale Nurseries and Retail Garden Centers. Our Wholesale Nursery systems offer a complete line of customizable Order Entry and Inventory control systems with integrated back office General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order and Payroll. We also have Shipping Systems with Truck Scheduling, Portable Check-in and Customer Bar-code label printing with automatic invoicing and shipping documents and more. Our customizable production planning systems offers crop scheduling integrated with current orders, materials, labor and equipment and more.  
Our Garden Center systems are the fastest, most affordable and most flexible Point of Sale system in the industry. Our latest features integrate Gift Cards, Customer Loyalty programs and Coupons live at the Registers. We also offer over a dozen Portable applications on equipment designed for outside environments.
2773Wholesale grower of premium annuals, hanging baskets, containers and vegetables.
911Tree Authority is an arborist-run nursery in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, specializing in fruit, flowering and shade trees, including a large selection of natives. All trees are grown to arborist standards in air pruning pots with an exposed root flare. The nursery has the ability to take on large contract growing orders and deliver anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The nursery is centrally located, only an hour north of Philadelphia. Our nursery availability is online at TreeAuthority.net
755, 757, 759Manufacturer of Red Boss tree spades, Tree Boss tree moving system, Tree Planters,Standing Tree Tiers/Tree Balers, Stump Diggers and Stump Grinders...8-blade 105-inch Truck-Mounted Red Boss All made in Pennsylvania, USA. Over 25 years in business. Brochure/video available. We deliver quality and service.
2544, 2546Family owned wholesale nursery stock grower. We offer container-grown grafted conifers, Japanese maples and topiaries.
1813, 1815TreeTown USA is an industry leader within the horticulture industry, with a true coast-to-coast footprint, consisting of over 4,000 acres in production encompassing 16 farm locations throughout California, Texas, and Florida.
368TreeDiaper® Advanced Hydration System is a patented, multifunctional, plant protection product. TreeDiaper® is featured slow releasing irrigation, recharging with rain/snow water, weed control and extreme weather protections. It reduces water and fertilizer runoff and decreases erosion/pollution. It absorbs rain/irrigation water and then slowly release water back to plant roots when needed. Field trials on trees planted on road median demonstrated a live (with TreeDiaper®) vs dead (with watering bags as the standard operation) difference during a seasonal drought in Richmond Va. Other uses include successful tree planting in summer and drought without manual watering, saving trees from dying in drought in Virginia and Colorado, doubling grapevine growth in the 1st year of a vineyard, keeping trees healthy in Huston Tx, and more. Garden lovers can enjoy the specially designed GardenMat, for which a raised bed garden relies only on rain water for whole seasons. info@treediaper.com
4DeerBusters specializes in deer fence supplies and deer fence exclusion products. Wildlife control specialists for over 25 years.
1824, 1826, 1925, 1927Full service natural stone dealer and quarriers of Carderock Stone. Dealers of Hanover, Nicolock, and Techo-Bloc paver products. National service area.
463, 465Wholesale grower specializing in Cold Hardy Palms also Southern Living Plant Collection,Gardeners Confidence,Plant Introductions and many native trees and shrubs
1410, 1412Physical Address: 22291 Boones Ferry Road NE Aurora, Oregon 97002 email: sales@tswnurserysales.com
1126, 1227
2431Grower of premium shade and flowering bareroot liners. Native plants and cultivars in Redbuds, Maples, Cherrys, Pear, Elm, Dogwood, Hawthorn, Zelkova are available.
2158, 2160
2536, 2538, 2540, 2637, 2639, 2641Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Irrigation, Lighting, Drainage, Rain Water Harvesting, Fountains & Aerators
1622TurfMaker® Hydromulchers, Hydroseeders, and Straw Blowers.
Hydraulic or Mechanical Drive Systems, Clear Water/Self Fill System Option, Numerous Gas/Diesel Engine Options, Multiple Reel/Hose Options, Tower Gun Add-On Options, Multiple Trailer Options.
TurfMaker® now manufactures the leading compact straw blower in the landscape industry and the most widely used for industrial rentals. The TurfMaker® Straw Blower, Machinery for Environmental Solutions!
417Our company has been growing for over 30 years. We specialize in fruit trees. We grow bareroot fruit, shade and ornamental trees and also grow container fruit, shade and ornamental too ----
853Turtle Creek Nursery grows a wide variety of plants that are shipped up and down the East Coast. Dogwoods, Abelia (including Kaleidoscope and Confetti), Azaleas (including Encore Azaleas), Rhododendron, Loropetalum, Hydrangeas, Maples, Roses, and Redbuds are just a few of the many plants we grow! Let us help you with your plant needs this Spring, and in the future!
1523APHIS PPQ Safeguards American Agriculture and Facilitates Safe American Trade!
2455, 2457
2162, 2263
2692, 2694At Unique Stone, our antique reproduction and contemporary garden ornament collections exemplify a level of artistry that is rare in the industry. Using time-honored Old World techniques, we create stunning cast stone treasures designed to grace the landscape for generations to come. Our commitment to the finest quality materials and craftsmanship often results in our pieces taking a little longer to make, but we think that's a small sacrifice when you're creating something made to last for centuries.
1511, 1513
2594, 2596Importer and wholesale supplier of natural hardscape stones.
941USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) The Census of Horticultural Specialties collects information to provide a comprehensive and detailed picture of the horticulture sector of the U.S. economy. It is the only source of detailed production and sales data for floriculture, nursery and specialty crops.
2444, 2446Van Belle Nursery is a wholesale grower and propagation specialist serving the finest nurseries in North America with quality ornamental varieties from top brands like Proven Winners® ColorChoice®, Star® Roses and Plants, and Bloomin’ Easy®.
2762, 2863Supplier of quality Van Bloem flower bulbs, organic vegetables and seeds, perennials, fruits, vegetables, water plants, elephant ears, tropical’s, and caladiums for garden centers, nurseries, and landscapes.
912, 914
2356Propagators of Evergreens & Deciduous Trees and Shrubs offering 1YR & 2 YR Jiffy Plugs, Bare Root Transplants & Potted Liners
18, 19Mission Statement: To enhance, promote, and advocate for Virginia’s nursery and landscape professionals VISION to become the leader and resource for the Virginia nursery and landscape industry. Virginia Certified Horticulturist Know How It Grows! A knowledgeable employee is a valuable asset to any retail nursery or landscape installation and maintenance firm and recognizing their horticultural abilities and skills is what the Virginia Certified Horticulturist program is all about. Legislative advocate for issues affecting your business on a local, state and national level. Comprehensive Guide to Virginia Growers and informative Newsletter. "Plant Something" marketing program for members to access materials to use in their marketing promotions. Program now being used in 18 states.
1508www.vitroplus.nl Tissue Cultivation Laboratory based in the Netherlands and specialized in tropical, hardy and cut foliage ferns. Our novelty: ferns sowed from spores in sterile trays. Almost 100 different fern varieties!
2896, 2898, 2997, 2999VRE supplies and installs both sliding and suspended curtain systems for shade, black-out and heat retention purposes. Manufacturer of Transportation Carts, Customer Service Carts, Retail shelving displays, Three season Flat or Peak shade structures, Vinyl covered cash structures. Portable Security Fencing, Monorail systems, Propane Tank storage cages, Outdoor Shade fabric, Ground Covers and frost blankets. Also custom manufacturing and galvanizing.
2887, 2889Celebrating our 50th Anniversary, we are the originator of the "King of Spades," "Dura Rake," and numerous all-steel tools reworked for the professionals in Landscape Services, Arboriculture, Landscape Architecture/Design, Municipalities/Institutions, Sports Fields, Forestry, Irrigation, Property & Facility Management, Garden Centers, Metal Detecting, Hardscape Installation, Golf Courses! Our tools are MADE IN THE USA! Don't be fooled by look-alike Chinese imitations. Visit us in Booths 2887-9. Dealer inquiries welcome.
249, 251wholesale shade tree B&B nursery.. we grow quality evergreens and shade trees. also have NC Fraser Firs as well
2636, 2737Walker Nursery is a leading field and container grower. We offer sizes for garden centers to commercial landscapes. We grow many new outstanding cultivars. Contact us to recieve weekly emails for availabilities and specials. walkernsy@blomand.net www.walkernurseryco.com
2421Wholesale grower of budded and grafted bare root and container liners. Specializing in unique and exceptional cultivars. Our goal is to produce some of the finest quality nursery stock available to the trade. Located in the fertile soils of southern middle Tennessee.
2136Wholesale Annual Grower.
2140, 2142Established in 1933, Walpole Outdoors manufactures and installs distinctive, architectural landscape products and structures that extend the comforts of your home. Products include a broad range of AZEK (cellular PVC) and Northern White Cedar products including fence, gates, pergolas, railings, arbors, exterior home and garden décor, and much, much more.
2772, 2774
252, 353
2364, 2365We are a full line wholesale nursery. 

Serving architects, landscape contractors and institutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region.

100-Acre field grown nursery, specializing in large American holly, broadleaf evergreens, unusual conifers and specimen ornamentals.

A-Z line of B&B and container landscape ready materials at our wholesale yard.

Perennials, trees, shrubs and evergreens ready for pickup in season.

Delivery service available from New Hampshire south to metro-DC/Virginia, West to Chicago markets and Louisville, Kentucky.

Please call, go online or fax your inquiry.

"Exceptional Plants, Exceptional Service" every time equals a recipe for your successful project.
2868, 2870, 2872, 2874, 2876Waverly Farm is a grower of premium quality B & B, landscape size, plant material. We offer our customers a wide range of woody ornamentals, prompt delivery & personal service. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality plants using sustainable production methods. Through the use of compost, produced on the farm, we have eliminated the need for synthetic fertilizer, reduced irrigation needs for both us & our customers, and provide plants grown naturally, reducing transplant shock. Stop by the booth & see for yourself.
528, 629
434, 436
2346, 2348
1900Wesley International is an American manufacturer specializing in electric utility vehicles and industrial trailers. Made in the USA and engineered-to-order for your specific application, Pack Mule electric vehicles and trailers are sought after by operations looking for rugged, industrial-grade solutions to move goods and equipment through greenhouses, distribution centers, warehouses and lean manufacturing operations.
17WVNLA is pleased to offer a wide variety of opportunities to all its members – everything from presenting recognized industry authorities who provide inspiration and information – to the opportunity to receive continuing education credits for state mandated certificates. We cooperate with and support the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, publish a bi-monthly newsletter containing timely announcements regarding issues important to our members. We proudly support West Virginia college students studying horticulture and landscape architecture with scholarship opportunities. In order to promote fellowship, share expertise and support our local communities, we conduct meetings, tours, volunteer projects and an annual meeting featuring amazing, talented speakers. For more information, contact us by e-mail: wvnlassoc@gmail.com or phone: 304.553.1234 or visit us on the web: www.wvnla.org - Thank you for your interest in WVNLA.
3105, 3106Grower of ready-to-graft conifer understock, grafted conifer liners and #1's ready to field plant or move up. Growing hard-to-find as well as high-production cultivars.
1043, 1045Western Tag & Label is a manufacturer of nursery tags and labels. Come see us for our On Demand color solution. We are the only nursery tag supplier that offers a fully recyclable product as our standard offering. If you require tags or need a full printing solution please stop by our booth.
2657, 2659Since 1933, we are a premier wholesale grower of bedding plants, Proven Winners, Hanging Baskets, Mixed Containers, Fall Pansies, Poinsettias and More to Landscape Contractors, and Garden Centers. Contract Growing available. Delivery to PA, NJ, MD, DE, Northern VA, CT
270Whittemore Company manufactures OMRI Approved (for organic growing) Perlite and Vermiculite Products in various bag sizes in Lawrence, MA. The company also offers a wide range of standard and customized products that are used in variety of market applications in the horticultural, construction and industrial sectors.
20We are a wholesale distributor of plants and flowers servicing interiorscapers, retail garden centers, and florists in Central Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. It is our aim to supply the highest quality tropical foliage and blooming material available, and to develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers whom we greatly value.

Our new state-of-the-art greenhouses are fully stocked with a large selection of tropical foliage plants along with flowering items such as Kalanchoes, Orchids, Azaleas, Bromeliads, and more. Additionally, during the spring months we expand our inventory to include a full line of flowering tropicals.

Please plan to visit us when you are in the area!
1230, 1232Growers of quality field grown evergreens, shade and flowering trees. Established 1975
442, 444Family owned and operated for almost 60 years, Willoway through the years has grown to 1,000 acres in production. Willoway specializes in sales to independent garden centers, landscapers and re-wholesalers throughout the Midwest. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and service, along with new introductions and nationally branded products. We strive to provide the best in breeding and hybridizing, while incorporating new growing techniques and technology to increase efficiency and minimize environmental impact. 

Let us show you “The Willoway Advantage”-quality plants, every time, just in time.
5, 6Quality growers of Medallion perennials, vines, groundcovers, grasses, flowering shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, spreading evergreens, grafted standards, container trees
208, 210
936Supplier of Chemicals, Fertilizer, and Seed. Products covering full labels for Ag, Turf, and Ornamental Use.
2244, 2246, 2248We Build for Your Vines to Grow on!
947, 949
2674, 2676
628, 630, 729, 731Grower of container and field produced large trees and shrubs. Container production focuses on 15, 25, 30 & 40 gallon plant material. Located off the I-95 corridor in eastern North Carolina. Shipping frequently into the Northeastern US market.
1002, 1004We are a grower of high quality rare and unusual containerized ornamentals. You should be able to see something you've never seen before if you stop by our booth.
2332, 2433Complete supplier of Pond supplies, Domestic , Imported Koi, Gold fish, Wild bird feeders
1312Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash is the only product clinically shown to remove urushiol, the toxin found in poison ivy, oak, and sumac, ANYTIME after outbreak and relieve itching within 30 seconds. For most mild to moderate cases of poison ivy, one application of Zanfel is adequate for each affected area. Zanfel is also effective for mosquito bites, chigger bites, and wasp, hornet & bee stings. Zanfel comes in a one-ounce tube, which contains 15 applications and has a 10-year shelf life. Zanfel is available through participating distributors and chain and independent pharmacies. Zanfel allows the employee affected by poison ivy to return to work immediately, in an itch free and healing state. Please contact us at 800-401-4002 or visit www.zanfel.com for sales and product information.

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